Proceedings of the

33rd International Cosmic Rays Conference

The Astroparticle Physics Conference


Proceedings of the 33rd International Cosmic Rays Conference
ISBN 978-85-61516-15-4
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee
Ronald Cintra Shellard
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The sequence of papers in each section follows the same sequences presented at the Conference.
The author index has, only, the name of the presenter at the Conference.


I  Invited Talks
1 Review Talks
2 Highlight Talks
3 Rapporteur Talks
II  Oral Talks
4 Cosmic Rays Physics
 4.1 Cosmic Rays Physics – Experimental Results
 4.2 Cosmic Rays Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 4.3 Cosmic Rays Physics – Theory, model and simulations
5 Dark Matter Physics
 5.1 Dark Matter Physics – Experimental results
 5.2 Dark Matter Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 5.3 Dark Matter Physics – Theory, model and simulations
6 Gamma Ray Astronomy
 6.1 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Experimental Results
 6.2 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 6.3 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations
7 Neutrino Astronomy
 7.1 Neutrino Astronomy – Experimental Results
 7.2 Neutrino Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 7.3 Neutrino Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations
8 Solar and Heliospheric Physics
 8.1 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Experimental Results
 8.2 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 8.3 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Theory, model and simulations
III  Posters
9 Cosmic Rays Physics
 9.1 Cosmic Rays Physics – Experimental Results
 9.2 Cosmic Rays Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 9.3 Cosmic Rays Physics – Theory, model and simulation
10 Dark Matter Physics
 10.1 Dark Matter Physics – Experimental results
 10.2 Dark Matter Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 10.3 Dark Matter Physics – Theory, model and simulations
11 Gamma Ray Astronomy
 11.1 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Experimental Result
 11.2 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 11.3 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations
12 Neutrino Astronomy
 12.1 Neutrino Astronomy – Experimental Results
 12.2 Neutrino Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 12.3 Neutrino Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations
13 Solar and Heliospheric Physics
 13.1 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Experimental Results
 13.2 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation
 13.3 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Theory, model and simulations
IV  Author Index
V  Committees and Participants

Part I
Invited Talks

Chapter 1
Review Talks

[1291] - Recent Results in Cosmic Ray Physics and Their Interpretation, presented by Pasquale BLASI
[1288] - The Status and Future of Gamma-ray Astronomy, presented by Jim HINTON
[1286] - Particle Acceleration in the Universe, presented by Tony BELL
[1284] - Cosmic-ray electrons and protons and their antiparticles, presented by Mirko BOEZIO
[1280] - The Synergy Between the LHC and Astroparticle Physics, presented by James PINFOLD
[1024] - Space Climate: What can we learn from Cosmic Rays in the ”New” Heliosphere about more general scenarios?, presented by Klaus SCHERER
[1289] - The Status of Neutrino Astronomy, presented by Francis HALZEN
[1302] - News from Space based Gamma Ray Astronomy, presented by Julie MCENERY
[1290] - Experimental Dark Matter Searches, presented by Nigel J. T. SMITH
[1303] - Dark Matter Theory Confronts the Data, presented by Neal WEINER

Chapter 2
Highlight Talks

[0933] - The High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory, presented by Miguel MOSTAFA
[1131] - Highlights from H.E.S.S., presented by Christian STEGMANN
[0696] - Recent Highlights of MAGIC, presented by Razmik MIRZOYAN
[0886] - Cosmic Ray Acceleration by Magnetic Reconnection, presented by Elisabete DE GOUVEIA-DAL-PINO
[1277] - Recent Highlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Antoine LETESSIER-SELVON
[0128] - Highlights from the Telescope Array Experiment, presented by Hiroyuki SAGAWA
[1275] - Approaching solar maximum 24 with STEREO - Multi-point observations of solar energetic particle events, presented by Nina DRESING
[0540] - Cosmic-ray modulation: an ab initio approach, presented by Nicholas Eugene ENGELBRECHT
[1023] - VERITAS: Observatory Status and Recent Highlights, presented by Wystan BENBOW
[1292] - Highlight of ARGO-YBJ Experiment at 4300m a.s.l., presented by Cao ZHEN
[0226] - Voyager 1 at the Edge of Interstellar Space; an Overview, presented by Edward STONE
[1294] - The renaissance of radio detection of cosmic rays, presented by Tim HUEGE
[0027] - Recent results from the ANTARES neutrino telescope, presented by Antoine KOUCHNER
[1293] - Recent IceCube results, presented by Spencer KLEIN
[1285] - Seven Years of Cosmic Ray Observations with the Pamela Space Experiment, presented by Marco CASOLINO
[1300] - Local interstellar spectrum for galactic protons and electrons, presented by Marthinus POTGIETER
[1299] - A tale of cosmic rays narrated in gamma rays by Fermi, presented by Luigi TIBALDO
[0766] - Highlights of the NASA Particle Astrophysics Program, presented by William Vernon JONES
[1259] - The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station, presented by Samuel TING
[1301] - An Alternative Approach to Understanding the Observed Positron Fraction, presented by Martin ISRAEL

Chapter 3
Rapporteur Talks

[1308] - High Energy Cosmic Rays (Rapporteur), presented by Yoshiki TSUNESADA
[1309] - Direct Cosmic Ray Measurements (Rapporteur), presented by John W. MITCHELL
[1310] - Ground based gamma rays (Rapporteur), presented by Jamie HOLDER
[1311] - Satellite gamma rays (Rapporteur), presented by Lukasz STAWARZ
[1312] - Solar Physics (Rapporteur), presented by Raúl GÓMEZ-HERRERO
[1313] - Neutrino Physics (Rapporteur), presented by Masayuki NAKAHATA
[1314] - Dark Matter Physics (Rapporteur), presented by Marc SCHUMANN

Part II
Oral Talks

Chapter 4
Cosmic Rays Physics

4.1 Cosmic Rays Physics – Experimental Results


[0688] - Measurement of hadron-carbon interactions for better understanding of air showers with NA61/SHINE, presented by Hans DEMBINSKI
[0300] - High-energy cosmic rays measured with KASCADE-Grande, presented by Andreas HAUNGS
[0196] - KASCADE-Grande energy spectrum of cosmic rays and the role of hadronicinteraction models, presented by Mario BERTAINA
[0531] - KASCADE-Grande measurements of energy spectra for elemental groups of cosmic rays, presented by Daniel FUHRMANN
[0850] - Study of the neutral baryon production at the very forward region of the LHC, presented by Kentaro KAWADE
[0517] - Primary energy reconstruction at KASCADE-Grande using the S(500) method, presented by Gabriel TOMA
[0418] - The Tunka experiment: status 2013, presented by Nikolay BUDNEV
[0736] - Evidence of geomagnetic effect on extensive air showers in the ARGO-YBJ data, presented by Paolo BERNARDINI
[0617] - Tunka-133: Main Experimental Results of 3 Year Operation, presented by Vasily PROSIN
[0710] - Observation of the Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays at the HAWC Observatory, presented by Segev BENZVI
[0779] - Mass composition and hadronic interaction studies with ARGO-YBJ, presented by Ivan DE MITRI
[0043] - A study of EAS cores detected by the hybrid experiment at Mt.Chacaltaya, presented by Masanobu TAMADA
[1296] - Study of EAS characteristics with the upgraded GAMMA array, presented by Lawrence JONES
[1265] - Precision measurement of the proton flux with AMS, presented by Sadakazu HAINO
[1262] - Precision measurement of the helium flux with AMS, presented by Vitali CHOUTKO
[1264] - Precision measurement of the positron fraction with AMS, presented by Andrei KOUNINE
[1257] - Precision measurements of the electron spectrum and the positron spectrum with AMS, presented by Stefan SCHAEL
[1267] - Precision measurement of the electron plus positron spectrum with AMS, presented by Bruna BERTUCCI
[1266] - Precision measurement of the boron to carbon ratio and nuclei with AMS, presented by Alberto OLIVA
[1261] - Determination of anisotropy with AMS, presented by Jorge CASAUS
[0349] - Voyager Observations of Galactic Cosmic Rays from the Local Interstellar Medium in the Distant Heliosheath, presented by Alan CUMMINGS
[0321] - Cosmic Ray Electron Synchrotron Telescope (CREST) status report, presented by Stephane COUTU
[0646] - Constraints on Galactic Cosmic-Ray Origins from Elemental and Isotopic Composition Measurements, presented by Walter BINNS
[0341] - Inner heliosphere spatial gradients of GCR protons and alpha particles in the low GeV range, presented by Jan GIESELER
[1095] - Measuring Galactic Cosmic Rays and Secondary Particles with the Radiation Assessment Detector, presented by Bent EHRESMANN
[0246] - Measurement of Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum with IceTop-73, presented by Javier GONZALEZ
[0123] - Upturn in ratios of nuclei of Z=16-24 to iron observed by the ATIC experiment above 50 GeV/n, presented by Alexander PANOV
[1047] - Primary proton and helium spectra at energy range from 50 TeV to 1015 eV observed with (YAC+Tibet-III ) hybrid experiment, presented by Jing HUANG
[0527] - The energy-spectrum of light primaries in the range from 1016.6 to 1018.2 eV, presented by Sven SCHOO
[0181] - Yakutsk array radio emission registration results in the energy range of 3x1016-5x1018 eV, presented by Igor PETROV
[0013] - Latest upgrades and results from the CODALEMA experiment, presented by Diego TORRES MACHADO
[0927] - Observation of Coherent Microwave Emission from Air Showers by CROME, presented by Radomir SMIDA
[0661] - Probing the radio emission from cosmic ray induced air showers by polarization measurements, presented by Tim HUEGE
[0439] - Investigation on the energy and mass composition of cosmic rays using LOPES radio data, presented by Nunzia PALMIERI
[0558] - Measuring air showers with the LOFAR radio telescope, presented by Anna NELLES
[0556] - Radio emission from air showers measured with LOFAR, presented by Pim SCHELLART
[0579] - Shower Xmax determination based on LOFAR radio measurements, presented by Stijn BUITINK
[0928] - The Energy Scale of the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Valerio VERZI
[0769] - The measurement of the cosmic ray spectrum above 3x1017 eV with the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Alexander SCHULZ
[0221] - TA Spectrum Summary, presented by Douglas BERGMAN
[0521] - Energy spectra of KASCADE-Grande based on shower size measurements and different hadronic interaction models, presented by Donghwa KANG
[0053] - Cosmic ray spectrum in the energy range 1015-1018 eV and the second knee according to the small Cherenkov setup at the Yakutsk EAS array, presented by Zim PETROV
[0738] - Status of the JEM-EUSO Mission, presented by Andrea SANTANGELO
[0376] - The results from LHCf : very forward measurements for cosmic ray interactions, presented by Hiroaki MENJO
[1159] - Recent results on forward physics from the CMS experiment, presented by Colin BAUS
[0136] - SD energy spectrum of TA and its fitting with the energy loss model of UHECR protons, presented by Eiji KIDO
[0860] - Measurement of muon signal using the time structure of the surface detector signal, presented by Balázs KÉGL
[1108] - Top-down analysis of the muon content of hybrid events of the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Glennys FARRAR
[0606] - Coincident air shower events between ARGO-YBJ and PRISMA-YBJ, presented by Yuri STENKIN
[0092] - On the capability of separating EAS events into mass groups on an event by event basis with the KASCADE-Grande experiment, presented by Andrea CHIAVASSA
[0132] - TA Composition Summary, presented by Yoshiki TSUNESADA
[0694] - Observations of the longitudinal development of extensive air showers with the surface detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Diego GARCIA-GAMEZ
[0690] - Inference of mass composition from Xmax Auger data, presented by Michael UNGER
[0964] - Composition Analysis of a Mulispecies UHECR Spectrum Compatible with PAO Data via Telescope Array Hybrid Reconstruction, presented by William HANLON
[0403] - The light-component energy spectrum measurement by the ARGO-YBJ experiment using the lateral distribution, presented by Min ZHA
[1087] - Overview of the Scientific Results of the BESS-Polar Program, presented by John W. MITCHELL
[0974] - BESS-Polar II Measurements of the Cosmic-ray Proton and Helium Spectra at Solar Minimum, presented by Kenichi SAKAI
[0629] - Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass for the International Space Station (ISS-CREAM), presented by Eun-Suk SEO
[0516] - Anisotropy analysis of positron data with the PAMELA experiment, presented by Vladimir MIKHAILOV
[0292] - Proton fluxes below the geomagnetic cutoff measured by the PAMELA experiment, presented by Alessandro BRUNO
[0538] - Galactic boron and carbon fluxes measured by the PAMELA experiment, presented by Cristian DE SANTIS
[0603] - Energy spectrum of cosmic protons and Helium nuclei with a hybrid measurement by ARGO-YBJ and a wide field Cherenkov telescope, presented by Min ZHA
[1033] - TA Anisotropy Summary, presented by Peter TINYAKOV
[0739] - Phase measurements of the first harmonic modulation in the right ascension distribution of cosmic rays detected at the Pierre Auger Observatory: towards the detection of dipolar anisotropies over a wide energy range, presented by Ivan SIDELNIK
[0768] - Constraints on the origin of cosmic rays from large scale anisotropy searches in data of the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Rogério DE ALMEIDA
[0679] - Measuring Large-Scale Anisotropy in the Arrival Directions of Cosmic Rays Detected at the Telescope Array and the Pierre Auger Observatory above 10 EeV, presented by Olivier DELIGNY
[0059] - Atmospheric hadronic shower characteristics derived from observation of a multiplicity in neutron monitors, presented by Boris GVOZDEVSKY
[0175] - Electron acceleration to relativistic energies at a strong quasi-parallel shock wave, presented by Adam MASTERS
[0256] - Observation of the large-scale sidereal anisotropy of the galactic cosmic ray at 300 TeV with the Tibet Air shower Array, presented by Zhaoyang FENG
[0645] - The Super-TIGER Experiment, presented by Walter BINNS
[0861] - Measurement of the Cosmic Ray Composition and Energy Spectrum between 1 PeV and 1 EeV with IceTop and IceCube, presented by Tom FEUSELS
[0411] - Study of the time-dependence of the cosmic-ray anisotropy with IceCube and AMANDA, presented by Timo KARG
[0570] - Super-TIGER 2012/2013 In-flight Instrument Performance and Preliminary Results, presented by Makoto SASAKI
[0302] - The high energy electrons with the PAMELA calorimeter, presented by Alexander KARELIN
[0382] - An update on cosmic-ray anisotropy studies with IceCube, presented by Marcos SANTANDER
[0149] - Search for Ultra-High Energy Photons and Neutrinos using the Telescope Array Scintillator Array Data, presented by Grigory RUBTSOV
[0233] - H, He, Li and Be Isotopes in the PAMELA-Experiment, presented by Manfred SIMON
[0286] - Hydrogen and helium isotopes flux in cosmic rays with the PAMELA experiment, presented by Valerio FORMATO
[0697] - Ultra-high energy neutrinos at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Pablo PIERONI
[0307] - Cosmic-Ray Positron Energy Spectrum measured with the PAMELA experiment, presented by Emiliano MOCCHIUTTI
[1125] - Searches for galactic neutron sources with the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Francisco SALESA GREUS

4.2 Cosmic Rays Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0362] - CALET measurements with cosmic nuclei and performance of the charge detectors, presented by Pier Simone MARROCCHESI
[0819] - CALET Measurement of Ultra-Heavy Cosmic Rays, presented by Brian RAUCH
[1063] - Detecting Local Deflection Patterns of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays using the Principal Axes of the Directional Energy Distribution, presented by Tobias WINCHEN
[0855] - Performance of the AMS-02 Electromagnetic Calorimeter in Space, presented by Stefano DI FALCO
[0359] - Identification of cosmic-ray positrons with the transition radiation detector of the AMS experiment on the International Space Station, presented by Henning GAST
[1260] - Alignment of the AMS-02 silicon Tracker, presented by Carlos DELGADO
[1218] - Progress Towards a Cross-Calibration of the Auger and Telescope Array Fluorescence Telescopes via an Air-borne Light Source, presented by John MATTHEWS
[0717] - The Telescope Array Low Energy Extension, presented by Shoichi OGIO
[0507] - Absolute energy calibration of the Telescope Array fluorescence detector with an electron linear accelerator, presented by Tatsunobu SHIBATA
[0365] - The Non-Imaging CHErenkov Array (NICHE): A TA/TALE Extension to Measure the Flux and Composition of Very-High Energy Cosmic Rays, presented by John KRIZMANIC
[0199] - Angular distribution of Cherenkov photons from air showers initiated by protons, iron nuclei or photons of energies from 10 TeV to 10 EeV in the presence of the geomagnetic field, presented by Piotr HOMOLA
[0377] - Determining an average value of the absolute air-fluorescence yield, presented by Fernando ARQUEROS
[0865] - The LOFAR radio telescope as cosmic-ray detector, presented by Jöerg HÖERANDEL
[0452] - The Tunka Radio Extension (Tunka-Rex): Status and First Results, presented by Frank G. SCHRÖDER
[1164] - Status of the HiSCORE experiment, presented by Ralf WISCHNEWSKI
[1192] - Bistatic Radar Detection of UHECR with TARA, presented by John BELZ
[1185] - First detailed reconstruction of the primary cosmic ray energy spectrum using reflected Cherenkov light, presented by Timur DZHATDOEV
[0350] - The ISS-CREAM Boronated Scintillator Detector, presented by Tyler ANDERSON
[1171] - EUSO-BALLOON : a pathfinder for observing UHECR’s from space, presented by Peter VON BALLMOOS
[0832] - The TA-EUSO and EUSO-Balloon optics designs, presented by Yoshiyuki TAKIZAWA
[0245] - The Calorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) for High Energy Astroparticle Physics on the International Space Station, presented by Shoji TORII
[0406] - Ultra high energy cosmic rays detector TUS on-board Lomonosov satellite, presented by Pavel KLIMOV
[0937] - JEM-EUSO scientific objectives, presented by Etienne PARIZOT
[0986] - Particle Beam Tests of the Calorimetric Electron Telescope, presented by Tadahisa TAMURA
[1000] - Design and performance of prototype muon detector of LHAASO-KM2A, presented by Xiao GANG
[1128] - The JEM-EUSO Instruments, presented by Fumiyoshi KAJINO
[1250] - Overview of space-based UHECR observation performance by JEM-EUSO mission, presented by Kenji SHINOZAKI
[1213] - Calibration and testing a prototype of the JEM-EUSO telescope on Telescope Array site, presented by Marco CASOLINO
[0900] - Towards the Preliminar Design Review of the Infrared Camera of the JEM-EUSO Space Mission, presented by Maria Dolores RODRIGUEZ FRIAS

4.3 Cosmic Rays Physics – Theory, model and simulations


[0984] - Anisotropy expectations for ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with future high statistics experiments, presented by Etienne PARIZOT
[0355] - A unified solution to the anisotropy and gradient problem, presented by Daniele GAGGERO
[0814] - Ultra-high energy cosmic rays: A review of the galactic-source conjecture, presented by Patrick YOUNK
[0667] - On the importance of the energy resolution for identifying sources of UHECR, presented by Markus ROTH
[0770] - Estimating primary mass composition of cosmic rays using geomagnetic spectroscopy, presented by Jean-Noël CAPDEVIELLE
[1129] - Identification of the source of a cluster of UHECRs, presented by Glennys FARRAR
[0163] - Air Shower Simulation with New Hadronic Interaction Models in CORSIKA, presented by Tanguy PIEROG
[1226] - CRPropa 3.0 – a Public Framework for Propagating UHE Cosmic Rays through Galactic and Extragalactic Space, presented by Martin ERDMANN
[0822] - GALPROP Code for Galactic Cosmic Ray Propagation and Associated Photon Emissions, presented by Igor MOSKALENKO
[0375] - A new 3D transport and radiation code for galactic cosmic rays, presented by Michael WERNER
[1174] - HERMES: a Monte Carlo Code for the Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Nuclei, presented by Manlio DE DOMENICO
[0803] - LHC Update of the Hadronic Interaction Model Sibyll 2.1, presented by Ralph ENGEL
[0056] - The very local interstellar spectrum for galactic electrons, presented by Marthinus POTGIETER
[0187] - The time-dependent modulation of cosmic ray protons in the inner heliosphere from 2006 to 2009, presented by Dzivhuluwani Christopher NDIITWANI
[0002] - Low-energy cosmic rays in the Galactic center region, presented by Vincent TATISCHEFF
[0225] - Kinetic studies of nonrelativistic young supernova remnants shocks, presented by Jacek NIEMIEC
[0211] - Spatial and Temporal Development of Energetic Particle Spectra in Pulsar Wind Nebulae, presented by Michael VORSTER
[0271] - Is the cosmic ray energy spectrum the same all over the Galaxy ?, presented by Anatoly ERLYKIN
[0506] - Drift motions of galactic cosmic rays in the regular galactic magnetic field, presented by Shoko MIYAKE
[0353] - A Comparison between Hadronic Interaction Models and Observations by the Telescope Array, presented by Benjamin STOKES
[1099] - UHECR correlations taking account of Galactic magnetic deflections, presented by Jonathan ROBERTS
[0443] - TeV cosmic-ray proton and helium spectra in the myriad model, presented by Guilhem BERNARD
[0815] - Cosmic ray positron and antiproton production in supernova remnants, presented by Leonid KSENOFONTOV
[0105] - Radio emission in UHECR atmospheric showers in the MHz to GHz frequency range, presented by Washington CARVALHO
[0398] - Coherent radio emission from the cosmic ray air shower sudden death, presented by Benoit REVENU
[1220] - Microwave Emission due to Molecular Bremsstrahlung in Non-Thermal Air Shower Plasmas, presented by Ralph ENGEL
[0559] - Galactic electron and positron properties from cosmic ray and radio observations, presented by Dario Grasso GRASSO
[0473] - Enhancement of the radar signal of air showers due to time compression, presented by Jaroslaw STASIELAK
[0442] - The EVA code: Macroscopic modeling of radio emission from air showers, presented by Krijn DE VRIES
[0239] - Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to Ensemble Fluctuations in the Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Flux, presented by Luis ANCHORDOQUI
[0941] - UHECR Source Statistics in the GZK Energy Range, presented by Carl BLAKSLEY
[0084] - Particle acceleration by large-scale turbulence, presented by Yutaka OHIRA
[0073] - Escape and propagation of UHECR protons and neutrons from GRBs, and the cosmic ray-neutrino connection, presented by Mauricio BUSTAMANTE
[1022] - Cosmic-ray spectral anomaly at GeV-TeV energies as due to re-acceleration by weak shocks in the Galaxy, presented by Satyendra THOUDAM
[0823] - Isotopic Production Cross Sections for CR Applications (ISOPROCS Project), presented by Igor MOSKALENKO
[0951] - Propagation of galactic cosmic rays in the presence of self-generated turbulence, presented by Roberto ALOISIO
[0980] - The Angular Power Spectrum of the Galactic Synchrotron Background, presented by Philipp MERTSCH
[0158] - Is the Present Day, Local Cosmic Ray Spectral Index Representative of the Average?, presented by Rahul KUMAR
[0326] - Elemental Composition of Cosmic Rays above the Knee from Tunka Xmax Distribution Analysis, presented by Sergey EPIMAKHOV
[1182] - Four models of New Physics to explain UHE air shower observations, and how to discriminate between them, presented by Jeffrey ALLEN
[0600] - Universality of the time structure of ground particle distributions and its application to the reconstruction of extensive air showers, presented by Detlef MAUREL
[0012] - The problem of small angular scale structure in the cosmic ray anisotropy data, presented by Luke Drury DRURY
[0159] - On the correlation of the lateral and angular distributions of electrons in EAS, presented by Maria GILLER
[0169] - Cosmic-ray leptons, magnetic fields and interstellar synchrotron emission, presented by Elena ORLANDO
[0391] - Newborn pulsars as sources of UHECRs and their multi-messenger signatures, presented by Ke FANG
[0186] - Time-dependent cosmic ray modulation in the outer heliosphere: Signatures of a heliospheric asymmetry and model predictions along Voyager 1 and 2 trajectories, presented by Rex MANUEL

Chapter 5
Dark Matter Physics

5.1 Dark Matter Physics – Experimental results


[0131] - Direct Dark Matter Search with XMASS, presented by Masaki YAMASHITA
[0063] - The EDELWEISS DM search: Recent results and outlook for EDW-3, presented by Matthias KLEIFGES
[0330] - Results from Low-Energy Neutrino Searches for Dark Matter in the Galactic Center with IceCube-DeepCore, presented by Martin WOLF
[0613] - Indirect search for dark matter with the ANTARES neutrino telescope, presented by Juan-Jose HERNANDEZ-REY
[0906] - Search for the light WIMP captured in the Sun using contained events in Super-Kamiokande, presented by Koun CHOI
[1243] - DAMIC, a novel dark matter experiment, presented by Javier TIFFENBERG
[0058] - Deep survey of the Segue 1 dwarf spheroidal galaxy with the MAGIC Telescopes, presented by Jelena ALEKSIC
[0932] - Search for cosmic-ray antideuterons with BESS-Polar II, presented by Koji YOSHIMURA
[0622] - Gamma-ray constraints on decaying Dark Matter, presented by Emmanuel Moulin MOULIN
[0451] - Multipole analysis with IceCube to search for dark matter accumulated in the Galactic Halo, presented by René REIMANN
[0456] - Earth WIMP searches with IceCube, presented by Jan KUNNEN
[1008] - The PICASSO Dark Matter Physics Program at SNOLAB, presented by Anthony NOBLE

5.2 Dark Matter Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[1181] - The ANDES Deep Underground Laboratory, presented by Xavier BERTOU
[0291] - The XMASS 800kg Dark Matter Detector in Kamioka, Japan, presented by Kai MARTENS
[0648] - The GAPS Experiment: Hunting for Dark Matter with Antideuterons, presented by Kerstin PEREZ
[0626] - Dark Matter Search Perspectives with GAMMA-400, presented by Alexander MOISEEV
[0272] - Nuclearites observations with JEM-EUSO, presented by Mario BERTAINA
[0565] - Extending IceCube Low Energy Neutrino Searches for Dark Matter with DeepCore, presented by Samuel FLIS

5.3 Dark Matter Physics – Theory, model and simulations


[0632] - On the likely dominance of WIMP annihilation to fermion pair+W/Z (and implication for indirect detection), presented by Thomas WEILER
[0981] - The Viability of Low-Mass Subhalos as Targets for Gamma-Ray Dark Matter Searches, presented by Andrea KLEIN
[0217] - CMB as a probe for DM annihilation properties, presented by Fabio IOCCO
[0388] - New constraints on primordial black holes abundance from femtolensing of gamma-ray bursts, presented by Anna BARNACKA
[0862] - The dark side of Stars, presented by Christoforos KOUVARIS

Chapter 6
Gamma Ray Astronomy

6.1 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Experimental Results


[0788] - The 1st Fermi-LAT SNR Catalog: the Impact of Interstellar Emission Modeling, presented by Theresa BRANDT
[1153] - The Fermi LAT Third Source Catalog, presented by Jean BALLET
[0741] - The H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey - sky maps and source catalog, presented by Henning GAST
[0513] - Observation of Multi-TeV Gamma Rays from MGRO J2019+37 and MGRO J2031+41 with the Tibet Air Shower Array, presented by Munehiro OHNISHI
[0758] - Observation of TeV gamma-ray extended sources with ARGO-YBJ, presented by Silvia VERNETTO
[0243] - Recent Observations of Galactic Sources in Cygnus by VERITAS, presented by Rene A. ONG
[0551] - The wisps of the Crab nebula in optical and x-rays, presented by Thomas SCHWEIZER
[0591] - A Population of Teraelectronvolt Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey, presented by Stefan KLEPSER
[0642] - Fermi-LAT observations of the Gamma Cygni complex, presented by Luigi TIBALDO
[0963] - HAWC Observations of the Crab Nebula During the March 2013 Flare, presented by Brian BAUGHMAN
[0744] - Diffuse TeV Gamma-Ray Emission in the H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey, presented by Kathrin EGBERTS
[0966] - Local HI emissivity and implications for cosmic-ray spectra, presented by Jean-Marc CASANDJIAN
[0996] - Spectrum and Morphology of the Fermi Bubbles, presented by Anna FRANCKOWIAK
[0707] - Constraints on dark matter annihilation and decay in the Milky Way halo, presented by Gabrijela ZAHARIJAS
[0901] - Spectral morphology of the inner 50 pc of the Galactic Center region in very-high-energy gamma-rays with H.E.S.S, presented by Aion VIANA
[0127] - Constraints on Lorentz Invariance Violation with Fermi-LAT Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts, presented by Camille COUTURIER
[0800] - VERITAS results from a three-year observing campaign on the BL Lac object 1ES0229+200, presented by Matteo CERRUTI
[0938] - Results from the first multifrequency campaign on Mrk421 with NuSTAR, presented by Francesco BORRACCI
[0336] - The Aftermath of an Exceptional TeV Flare in the AGN Jet of IC 310, presented by Dorit EISENACHER
[0549] - MAGIC observations of the radio galaxy NGC 1275 and multi-wavelength studies, presented by Pierre COLIN
[0934] - MAGIC results and multiwavelength observations of Mrk 501 flare in June 2012, presented by Francesco BORRACCI
[1069] - M87: The 2010 very high energy gamma-ray flare and 10 years of multi-wavelength observations, presented by Daniel MAZIN
[0785] - The 1st Fermi-LAT SNR Catalog: Probing the Gamma-ray Population, presented by John HEWITT
[0786] - The 1st Fermi-LAT SNR Catalog: Constraining the Cosmic Ray Contribution, presented by Theresa BRANDT
[0147] - HESS J1640-465 - an exceptionally luminous TeV gamma-ray SNR, presented by Peter EGER
[1075] - Discovery of the mysterious gamma-ray source HESSJ1832-093 in the vicinity of SNR G22.7-0.2, presented by Hélčne LAFFON
[1183] - Search for Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Young Supernovae with H.E.S.S, presented by Dirk LENNARZ
[0756] - VHE gamma-rays from the other side of the Milky-Way: SNR G349.7+0.2, presented by Cyril TRICHARD
[0644] - MAGIC latest results and multiwavelength observations of FSRQs: 3C 279 and PKS 1510-089, presented by Ulisses BARRES-DE-ALMEIDA
[0599] - Probing spectral curvature for the distant blazar PG1553+113, presented by Daniel MAZIN
[0262] - Active Galaxies Studied with the H.E.S.S. Observatory, presented by Lukasz STAWARZ
[1101] - Highlights from VERITAS Blazar Observations, presented by Jonathan DUMM
[0947] - Study of the high energy cosmic ray acceleration in Tycho SNR with VERITAS, presented by Nahee PARK
[0805] - VERITAS Observations of TeV Binaries, presented by Andrew SMITH
[0459] - Observations of VHE gamma-ray binaries with the MAGIC Telescopes, presented by Alicia LOPEZ-ORAMAS
[0668] - Hadron acceleration imprints in the supernova remnant W51C observed with the MAGIC telescopes, presented by Julian KRAUSE
[0921] - Evidence of hadronic emission in middle-aged SNRs, presented by Andrea GIULIANI
[0001] - Gamma-Ray Binaries, presented by Felix MIRABEL
[0914] - Discovery of 100 MeV gamma-ray emission from Circinus galaxy with Fermi-LAT, presented by Lukasz STAWARZ
[0762] - Unprecedented temporal evolution of the broad-band emission of the BL Lac Mrk501, presented by Marlene DOERT
[0034] - The Imprint of the Extragalactic Background Light in the Gamma-ray Spectra of Blazars, presented by Rolf BUEHLER
[0783] - Search for high energy emission from GRBs with the HAWC Observatory, presented by Kathryne SPARKS
[0686] - FACT - Long-term Monitoring of Bright TeV-Blazars, presented by Daniela DORNER
[0586] - TeV gamma-ray survey of the northern sky using the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Songzhan CHEN
[0532] - Search for Very-high-energy gamma-ray emission from Galactic globular clusters with H.E.S.S, presented by Peter EGER
[1133] - VERITAS Studies of the Extragalactic Background Light Using Deep Observations of High-Frequency-Peaked BL Lac Objects, presented by Matthew ORR
[0675] - MAGIC reveals structures in the gamma-ray emission of the unidentified gamma-ray source HESS J1857+026, presented by Julian KRAUSE

6.2 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[1071] - Upgrade of the MAGIC telescopes, presented by Daniel MAZIN
[0074] - Physics performance of the upgraded MAGIC telescopes obtained with Crab Nebula data, presented by Julian SITAREK
[0687] - The MAGIC Data Quality Check Software, presented by Julian SITAREK
[0700] - The Gamma?Ray Detection sensitivity of the upgraded VERITAS Observatory, presented by David KIEDA
[0682] - FACT - The First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope: Status and Results, presented by Thomas BRETZ
[0695] - FACT - Long-Term Stability and Observations during Strong Moon Light, presented by Max Ludwig KNOETIG
[0410] - The Cherenkov Telescope Array site search campaign, presented by Tomasz BULIK
[0776] - The Cherenkov Telescope Array Large Size Telescope, presented by Oscar BLANCH BIGAS
[0961] - Schwarzschild-Couder telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: 9.5m Telescope Prototype Development, presented by Vladimir VASSILIEV
[0747] - Mirror Development for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Andreas FOERSTER
[0466] - The dual-mirror Small Size Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Giovanni PARESCHI
[0811] - A Third Generation Water Cherenkov Observatory, presented by Andres SANDOVAL
[0975] - Measurements of Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission at Very High Energies with the HAWC Observatory, presented by Petra HUENTEMEYER
[0508] - The TIBET AS+MD Project; progress report 2013, presented by Masato TAKITA
[1018] - Progress Report on the MD-A under TIBET III array, presented by Cheng LIU
[1116] - A Multi-purpose Cosmic Ray Experiment: The LHAASO Project, presented by Zhen CAO
[1078] - Towards SiPM camera for current and future generations of Cherenkov telescopes, presented by Daniel MAZIN
[0684] - Novel Photo Multiplier Tubes for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Project, presented by Razmik MIRZOYAN
[0264] - The space-based gamma-ray telescope GAMMA-400 and its scientific goals, presented by Nikolay TOPCHIEV
[0248] - Expected Performance of CALET as a High Energy Gamma Ray Observatory, presented by Masaki MORI
[0595] - Status report of the UFFO-pathfinder, presented by Il PARK
[0229] - GRAINE project : The first demonstration of emulsion gamma-ray telescope in 2011 balloon experiment, presented by Satoru TAKAHASHI
[0820] - Status of the engineering array of LHAASO-WCDA, presented by Min ZHA
[0485] - Unveiling obscured accretion with a new soft gamma-ray survey, presented by Eugenio BOTTACINI

6.3 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations


[0913] - Toward 3D mapping of the interstellar medium in the Milky Way: impact on cosmic rays and diffuse emission, presented by Gudlaugur JOHANNESSON
[0087] - Systematic modeling of Active Galactic Nuclei, presented by Matthias WEIDINGER
[0086] - Jitter radiation model of Crab gamma ray flares, presented by Yuto TERAKI
[0905] - Young star clusters as gamma ray emitters and their detection with Cherenkov Telescopes, presented by Fabien KRAYZEL
[1073] - Cosmic ray Acceleration by Magnetic Reconnection and Non-thermal Emission from Accretion-Disk/Coronae of AGNs: applications to Mrk 421 and Mrk 501, presented by Behrouz KHIALI
[1119] - Shaping the gamma-ray pulsar profiles: caustic effects versus intrinsic emissivity, presented by Jaroslaw DYKS
[0259] - Unified description of the GeV-TeV gamma ray spectra of supernova remnants, presented by Qiang YUAN
[0068] - The nature of gamma-ray emission of Tycho’s supernova remnant, presented by Evgeny BEREZHKO
[0288] - Acceleration of cosmic rays by young core-collapse supernova remnants, presented by Igor TELEZHINSKY
[0010] - A statistical study of Galactic SNR source spectra detected at żGeV energies, presented by Matthias MANDELARTZ
[0145] - Emissivity of positrons in the Galaxy, and AMS-02 data, presented by Shibata TORU
[0116] - Gamma-rays from nebulae around binary systems containing energetic pulsars, presented by Wlodek BEDNAREK

Chapter 7
Neutrino Astronomy

7.1 Neutrino Astronomy – Experimental Results


[0848] - Measurement of atmospheric neutrino oscillations with IceCube/DeepCore in its 79-string configuration, presented by Christopher WIEBUSCH
[0662] - Search for diffuse astrophysical neutrinos with cascade events in the IceCube-59 detector, presented by Arne SCHOENWALD
[0425] - Update on the ANTARES full-sky neutrino point source search, presented by Stephan SCHULTE
[0420] - 2pt correlation analysis of ANTARES data, presented by Fabian SCHÜSSLER
[0650] - Observation of Very High Energy Neutrinos in IceCube, presented by Claudio KOPPER
[0048] - Solar neutrino analysis of Super-Kamiokande, presented by Hiroyuki SEKIYA
[0649] - Searches for flaring and periodic neutrino emission with three years of IceCube data, presented by Teresa MONTARULI
[0367] - Model Independent Search For GRB Neutrinos Interacting Inside IceCube, presented by James CASEY
[0299] - Search for neutrinos from transient sources with the ANTARES telescope and optical follow-up observations, presented by Fabian SCHÜSSLER
[0760] - A search for neutrinos from long-duration GRBs with the ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope, presented by Clancy JAMES
[0031] - Search for neutrino emission from the Fermi bubbles with the ANTARES telescope, presented by Vladimir KULIKOVSKIY
[0550] - Latest Results of Searches for Point and Extended Sources of Neutrinos with the IceCube Detector, presented by Juan Antonio AGUILAR SÁNCHEZ
[0745] - Status and Recent Results of the Acoustic Neutrino Detection Test System AMADEUS of ANTARES, presented by Robert LAHMANN
[0977] - Search for PeV-EeV Tau Neutrinos and Optical Transients from Violent Objects with Ashra-1, presented by Makoto SASAKI
[0825] - Science Reach of the ARIANNA High Energy Neutrino Telescope, presented by Steven BARWICK

7.2 Neutrino Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0719] - EGADS Progress, presented by Lluis MARTI MAGRO
[1152] - The ExaVolt Antenna (EVA), presented by Amy CONNOLLY
[1248] - New Instrument for Neutrino Detection: Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Interaction Experiment(CONNIE), presented by Guillermo FERNANDEZ MORONI
[0891] - KM3NeT: The next generation neutrino telescope, presented by Paschal COYLE
[0555] - Studies on the sensitivity to measure neutrino mass hierarchy with PINGU, presented by Andreas GROSS
[0704] - The Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) neutrino observatory, presented by Michael RICHMAN

7.3 Neutrino Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations


[0165] - KM3NeT discovery potential for galactic point-like sources, presented by Agata TROVATO
[1249] - The KM3NeT detection capability for high-energy neutrinos from Fermi bubbles, presented by Rosa CONIGLIONE
[1144] - Atmospheric neutrinos at high energy, presented by Thomas GAISSER

Chapter 8
Solar and Heliospheric Physics

8.1 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Experimental Results


[0368] - Ground Level Enhancement of May 17, 2012 Observed at South Pole, presented by Paul EVENSON
[0845] - PAMELA Observation of the 2012 May 17 GLE Event, presented by Rita CARBONE
[0094] - Some Questions of Galactic Cosmic Ray Modulation, presented by Yuri STOZHKOV
[0267] - The Statistical and Numerical Study of the Longitudinally Asymmetric Distribution of Solar Proton Events Affecting the Earth Environment of 1996-2011, presented by Hongqing HE
[0971] - The Solar-cycle Variation of 3He from Solar Energetic Particle Events, presented by Mark WIEDENBECK
[0723] - Muon diagnostics of the heliosphere: present status, presented by Igor YASHIN
[0039] - Long term variation of the solar diurnal anisotropy of galactic cosmic rays over four solar activity cycles, presented by Kazuoki MUNAKATA
[0574] - Cosmic ray decreases caused by interplanetary shocks observed by the muon telescope at Sao Martinho da Serra, Southern Brazil, presented by Vincius DEGGERONI
[1233] - ACATMOS Group in Brazil and LEONA Team in South America for Collaborative Research of TLEs and HEETs in South America, presented by Fernanda SO SABBAS
[0746] - The First Ground Level Event of Solar Cycle 24 and its longitudinal distribution in the inner heliosphere, presented by Nina DRESING
[1186] - A 360 View of Solar Energetic Particle Events, including one Extreme Event, presented by Richard MEWALDT
[0340] - Cosmic-ray shadow of the Sun at 3 TeV observed by the Tibet Air Shower Array, presented by Takashi SAKO
[0332] - Comparison of Solar Energetic Particle events observed by PAMELA experiment and by other instruments in 2006-2012, presented by Galina BAZILEVSKAYA
[0337] - Solar modulation of galactic cosmic rays electrons and positrons over the 23rd solar minimum with the PAMELA experiment, presented by Riccardo MUNINI
[0589] - Correlation between the solar activity and the cosmic ray Sun shadow observed with the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Fengrong ZHU
[0583] - Solar Energetic Particle Anisotropies Observed by STEREO/LET, presented by Richard LESKE
[0066] - A possible detection of High-Energy Solar Gamma-Rays by the Ground Level Detector, presented by Yasushi MURAKI
[0791] - An ab initio approach to the modulation of galactic electrons and positrons, presented by Nicholas Eugene ENGELBRECHT
[0065] - Measurement of High-Energy Solar Neutrons by SEDA-FIB onboard the ISS, presented by Yasushi MURAKI
[0802] - Furthering Our Understanding of Wide Longitude 3He-rich SEP Events, presented by Christina COHEN
[0552] - Recurring 3He-rich Solar Energetic Particle Events, presented by Radoslav BUCIK
[1136] - Flux time variation measurements of cosmic-ray helium isotopes with BESS-Polar I, presented by Nicolas PICOT-CLEMENTE
[0424] - Rapid events in the carbon-14 content of tree-ring, presented by Fusa MIYAKE
[0219] - Solar modulation of galactic hydrogen and helium over the 23rd solar minimum with the PAMELA experiment, presented by Marco RICCI
[0833] - Solar proton event on September 23, 2012, presented by Jean-Pierre RAULIN
[0490] - Observation of the Multi-Eruption Solar Energetic Particle (MESEP) event of September 12, 2000, presented by Amjad AL-SAWAD
[0568] - Sporadic variations of thermal neutron background measured by a global net of the en-detectors, presented by Yuri STENKIN
[1109] - The LAGO Solar Project, presented by Hernán ASOREY

8.2 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0392] - The observation of solar neutrons by a new experiment (SciCRT) using a very sensitive cosmic-ray detector, presented by Yuya NAGAI
[0902] - Multilayer scintillation detector for satellite research of short-term variations of high-energy charged particle in the Earth’s magnetosphere, presented by Sergey ALEKSANDRIN
[0929] - HAWC sensitivity to Solar events, presented by Alejandro LARA
[0021] - The first GLE of new 24th solar cycle, presented by Boris GVOZDEVSKY
[1224] - Standard Radiation Environment Monitor data repository with web based data analysis tools, presented by Wojtek HAJDAS

8.3 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Theory, model and simulations


[0327] - Propagation of Jovian electrons during solar activity minima, presented by Karoly KECSKEMETY
[0119] - The highest galactic proton spectrum since the beginning of the space age, presented by Marthinus POTGIETER
[0481] - Solar dynamo and the 27-day variations of the galactic cosmic rays intensity, solar wind and solar activity, presented by Michael ALANIA
[0795] - Interplanetary Magnetic Field and Modeling of the Galactic Cosmic Ray Transport in Heliosphere, presented by Michael ALANIA
[0154] - Galactic cosmic ray modulation beyond the heliopause: When will Voyager 1 measure the LIS?, presented by Roelf STRAUSS
[0033] - The solar modulation of electrons in the heliosphere, presented by Rendani NNDANGANENI
[0070] - A heliopause spectrum for cosmic ray electrons, presented by Marthinus POTGIETER
[0273] - Heliospheric modulation of galactic protons during the recent unusual solar minimum, presented by Etienne VOS
[1100] - Cosmic Ray Modulation studied with HelMod Monte Carlo tool and comparison with Ulysses Fast Scan Data during consecutive Solar Minimums, presented by Stefano DELLA TORRE
[0863] - The reliability of GLE analysis based on neutron monitor data - a critical review, presented by Rolf BUETIKOFER
[0085] - Time-dependent cosmic ray modulation in the heliosphere, presented by Stefan FERREIRA
[0718] - The maximum momentum of the particles accelerated at interplanetary shock with free scattering probability, presented by Xin WANG
[0305] - Modeling the time and energy behavior of the GCR intensity in the periods of low activity around the last three solar minima, presented by Mikhail KRAINEV
[0174] - The longitudinal extent of 3He rich SEP events: A comparison of simulation results and multi-spacecraft observations, presented by Gang QIN

Part III

Chapter 9
Cosmic Rays Physics

9.1 Cosmic Rays Physics – Experimental Results


[0030] - Seasonal and stochastic variations in the different components of secondary cosmic rays, presented by Aleksei GERMANENKO
[0118] - Introduction to the Telescope Array Experiment, presented by Gordon THOMSON
[0133] - Search for Correlations between Extragalactic Objects and the Arrival Directions of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Observed by the Telescope Array Experiment, presented by Hisao TOKUNO
[0275] - Atmospheric Variations as observed by the BUST, presented by Marina BERKOVA
[0304] - Cosmic ray spectrum above the knee measured by the Tunka-133 experiment: special features and possible interpretations, presented by Lyubov SVESHNIKOVA
[0036] - Zenith angle distribution of extensive air showers by TBS array (GELATICA experiment), presented by Manana SVANIDZE
[0093] - Search for anisotropies in the arrival directions of primary cosmic rays with the KASCADE and KASCADE-Grande experiments, presented by Andrea CHIAVASSA
[0130] - Study of Air Shower Front Structure using the Telescope Array Surface Detector Data, presented by Nobuyuki SAKURAI
[0222] - Phase distribution variations of the cosmic ray anisotropy first harmonic in 1957-2011 years, presented by Maria ABUNINA
[0240] - Using diffuse radio emission in clusters of galaxies to probe the cosmic web, cosmic rays and dark matter, presented by Nectaria GIZANI
[0293] - Parallel and simultaneous EASs at large distances due to Gerasimova-Zatsepin effects of cosmic ray heavy nuclei, presented by Atsushi IYONO
[0378] - Analysis of results of the SciCRT prototype installed at the top of the Sierra Negra volcano in Mexico, presented by Ernesto ORTIZ
[0512] - Mass Composition of UHECRs Measured Stereoscopically by the Telescope Array Fluorescence Detectors, presented by Yuichiro TAMEDA
[0476] - Monocular Measurement of the UHECR Energy Spectrum by the Telescope Array Fluorescence Detectors, presented by Thomas STROMAN
[0478] - Air Shower thermal neutron detection at different altitudes, presented by Yuri STENKIN
[0499] - Wavelet and fractal frequency analysis of the Mexico City neutron monitor signal, presented by Bernardo VARGAS-CÁRDENAS
[0520] - Method of electrons and positrons separations by bremsstrahlung in the PAMELA experiment, presented by Vladimir MIKHAILOV
[0524] - Ultra High Energy Photon and Neutrino Search with the Telescope Array Fluorescence Detector, presented by Katsuya YAMAZAKI
[0525] - Average mass of primary cosmic rays in the knee energy region inferred from Tibet experiment, presented by Yusaku KATAYOSE
[0536] - Method for the primary mass composition study of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with the Telescope Array surface detector, presented by Sergey TROITSKY
[0578] - A Comparison of LOPES Lateral Distributions of the Air-shower Radio Signal with REAS 3.11 and CoREAS Simulations, presented by Frank G. SCHRÖDER
[0045] - Composition of the primary cosmic radiation observed at the Yakutsk array at energies above 1017 eV, presented by Artem SABOUROV
[0052] - First results of air Cherenkov light measurements in EAS events by the wide FOV telescope operating in coincidence with the surface detectors of the Yakutsk array, presented by Anatoly IVANOV
[0054] - Lateral distribution of radio signal measured in showers with energy 5×1016-1018 eV at the Yakutsk EAS array, presented by Stanislav KNURENKO
[0057] - Ulysses observations of Jupiter’s 10 h modulation in interplanetary space in 2004, presented by Phillip DUNZLAFF
[0071] - Solar Activity, Cosmic rays, and Global Climate Changes, presented by Yuri STOZHKOV
[0358] - Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum Measured by the Hybrid Analysis in the Telescope Array, presented by Daisuke IKEDA
[0404] - Study of the EAS lateral distribution with a hybrid measurement by ARGO-YBJ and a wide field Cherenkov telescope, presented by Min ZHA
[0024] - Anomalous barometric coefficient of microsecond intervals into NM, presented by Yury BALABIN
[0198] - The impact of magnetic clouds on the density and the first harmonic of the cosmic ray anisotropy, presented by Artem ABUNIN
[0205] - Changes of interaction mechanisms in the knee region of the primary cosmic rays spectrum, presented by Oleg DALKAROV
[0247] - Dependence of the neutron burst amplitude on a jump of electric field and a height of lower cloud amount edge during thunderstorms over Yakutsk, presented by Sergey STARODUBTSEV
[0270] - Harmonic analysis of the arrival directions distribution in right ascension of UHECRs detected with the Yakutsk array, presented by Anatoly IVANOV
[0310] - Search for Point-like Sources of EeV Neutral Particles with the Telescope Array Surface Detector, presented by Kazumasa KAWATA
[0415] - Measurement of the cosmic ray spectrum above 1016 eV energy regions with compact EAS arrays at LAAS, presented by Atsushi IYONO
[0528] - The ˇlnAż study in the primary energy range 1016 eV - 1017 eV with the Muon Tracking Detector in the KASCADE-Grande experiment, presented by Pawel LUCZAK
[0543] - Vectorial Radio Interferometry with LOPES 3D, presented by Daniel HUBER
[0025] - Energy balance and origin of gamma-rays increasing in the low atmosphere, presented by Yury BALABIN
[0277] - Atmospheric Variations as observed by the Adelaide and Buckland muon telescopes, presented by Marina BERKOVA
[0311] - Search for the Large-Scale Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy at 1018 eV with the Telescope Array Surface Detector, presented by Kazumasa KAWATA
[0360] - Test of Radar Echo Detection using the Electron Beam from the ELS at the Telescope Array Site: A Test for Future Large Scale Extension of the Air Shower Observatory, presented by Daisuke IKEDA
[0395] - Telescope Array Surface Detector: Simulation and Analysis, presented by Dmitri IVANOV
[0482] - EAS thermal neutron lateral and temporal distributions, presented by Yuri STENKIN
[1051] - Hadronic interaction and EAS muon investigated with the (YAC + Tibet-III + MD) hybrid experiment, presented by Jing HUANG
[1215] - PAMELA experiment multi-particle measurement of the December 13th 2006 Forbush Decrease, presented by Marco CASOLINO
[0880] - The measurement of cosmic ray below 1 EeV region with LHAASO telescopes, presented by Jiali LIU
[0935] - Search for large-scale anisotropy of ultra-high energy cosmic rays with the Telescope Array, presented by Peter TINYAKOV
[0944] - Experimental Proof for the Sensitivity of Air Shower Radio Emission to the Longitudinal Shower Development, presented by Frank G. SCHRÖDER
[0781] - Study of the shower front structure at few meters from the core with ARGO-YBJ, presented by Antonio SURDO
[0792] - The proton-proton cross sections measured by TOTEM at LHC, presented by Francesco S. CAFAGNA
[0794] - The Hybrid Energy Spectrum and Composition of Telescope Array’s Middle Drum Detector and Surface Array, presented by Monica ALLEN
[0804] - Study of the time structure of EAS particles with ARGO-YBJ, presented by Giovanni MARSELLA
[0830] - An updated analysis of the DICE energy spectrum and Depth of Shower Maximum, presented by David KIEDA
[0844] - Comparison of LOPES data and CoREAS simulations using a full detector simulation, presented by Katrin LINK
[0866] - The light component spectrum in the energy region 1-300 TeV measured by ARGO-YBJ with a bayesian approach, presented by Stefano Maria MARI
[0705] - Estimate of the non-calorimetric energy of showers observed with the fluorescence and surface detectors, presented by Matias TUEROS
[0728] - First results of the study of the energy deposit of inclined muon bundles in the Cherenkov water detector, presented by Igor YASHIN
[0729] - Deuterium flux measured in radiation belt by the PAMELA, presented by Sergey KOLDOBSKIY
[0733] - Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal Effect for High-Energy Electrons Observed with Emulsion Chambers, presented by Kenji YOSHIDA
[0751] - Update of the Pierre Auger Xmax distribution measurements, presented by Vitor DE SOUZA
[0757] - Correlations between cosmic ray flux and atmospheric electric field variations observed by the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Y. ZENG
[0763] - Seasonal variation of the muon multiplicity in cosmic rays at South Pole, presented by Sam DE RIDDER
[0772] - Study of the muon content of very high-energy EAS measured with the KASCADE-Grande observatory, presented by Juan Carlos ARTEAGA-VELÁZQUEZ
[0055] - The nature of pulses delayed by τ 5 ns in scintillation detectors from showers with energy E 1017 eV, presented by Stanislav KNURENKO
[0635] - A measurement of the muon number in showers using inclined events recorded at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Inés VALIŃO
[0639] - Searching for Cosmic Ray Radar Echos In TARA Data, presented by John BELZ
[0669] - Directional search for ultra-high energy photons with the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Daniel KUEMPEL
[0674] - 100TeV - PeV Air Showers With IceTop, presented by Abd al Karim HAJ ISMAIL
[0693] - Measurementoftheenergyspectrumofcosmicraysabove3X1017eVusingthe AMIGA infilldetectorofthePierreAugerObservatory, presented by Diego RAVIGNANI
[0028] - Difference particle populations in neutron multiplicity, presented by Aleksei GERMANENKO
[0965] - The Chemical Composition of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays as Measured by Telescope Array Hybrid Observations, presented by William HANLON
[0969] - Transient Luminous events observed by a pinhole camera, presented by Epifanio PONCE
[0973] - Inclined Cosmic Ray Air Showers in IceCube, presented by Javier GONZALEZ
[0982] - Geographical and moon phase relationship of the UV and Red-IR luminous events detected by the Tatiana 2 satellite, presented by Liliana RIVERA
[1032] - Solar Wind Plasma Flows ; Cosmic rays and Space Weather Aspects during solar, cycle 23, presented by Sonia KAUSHIK
[1056] - Test of the hadronic interaction model EPOS-LHC and QGSJETII-04 with Tibet EAS core data, presented by Ding CHEN
[1061] - Antiprotons in primary cosmic radiation with PAMELA experiment, presented by Andrey MAYOROV
[0363] - Combined analysis of some especial events, presented by Edison Hiroyuki SHIBUYA
[0793] - Elemental GCR Observations During the 2009-2010 Solar Minimum Period, presented by Martin ISRAEL
[1112] - Interpretation of the Microwave Signal found for High Energy Air Showers, presented by Radomir SMIDA
[1142] - Measurements of cosmic-ray hydrogen and helium isotopes with BESS-Polar II, presented by Nicolas PICOT-CLEMENTE
[1143] - Cosmic ray anisotropy observed with the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Giuseppe DI SCIASCIO
[1200] - Search for Microwave Signals from Air Showers with the Electron Light Source at Telescope Array, presented by Ralph ENGEL
[1206] - Blind searches for localized cosmic ray excesses in the field of view of the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Benoit REVENU
[1214] - New upper limits on strange quark matter abundancy in Universe with the PAMELA experiment, presented by Marco CASOLINO
[1234] - Atmospheric multiple muon charge ratio as a function of multiplicity in the MINOS Near and Far Detectors, presented by Cesar CASTROMONTE FLORES
[1252] - Why should we keep measuring zenital dependence of muon flux? Results obtained at Campinas (SP) BR, presented by Bruno DANIEL
[1255] - Temporal variation of barometric coefficient of neutron monitors counting rates in the 23-24 solar cycle, presented by Fengrong ZHU
[1272] - Atmospheric Effects of Second Order on Cosmic Rays Intensity Measured at the South Hemisphere, presented by Alvarez-Castillo JESÚS
[0821] - An anisotropy of galactic cosmic rays observed with GRAPES-3, presented by Katsuya YAMAZAKI

9.2 Cosmic Rays Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0014] - Status of the Silicon Photomultiplier Telescope FAMOUS for the Fluorescence Detection of UHECRs, presented by Tim NIGGEMANN
[0016] - All-sky cameras for characterizing the candidate sites for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Jan EBR
[0108] - The Data Acquisition System for CREAM of the International Space Station, presented by David ANGELASZEK
[0142] - Status of the Atmospheric Monitoring at the Telescope Array Experiment, presented by Shigeharu UDO
[0234] - The Photo Detector Plane of the 4m Davis Cotton Small Size Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Juan Antonio AGUILAR SÁNCHEZ
[0316] - A method to calibrate the energy of air showers with ultra-high energy photons, presented by Markus RISSE
[0339] - Space Mission ?Lomonosov? to Study Gamma-Ray Bursts and UHECRs, presented by Vladislav OSEDLO
[0530] - LIDAR treatment inside the ESAF Simulation Framework for the JEM-EUSO mission, presented by Simona TOSCANO
[0098] - AMY (Air Microwave Yield): Laboratory Measurement of the GHz Emission from Air Showers, presented by Martina BOHACOVA
[0160] - Investigation of extensive air shower properties with the CODALEMA experiment : tackling the challenges of the next generation cosmic ray observatory, presented by Lilian MARTIN
[0168] - The CALorimeter Electron Telescope (CALET) ground data handling and processing system, presented by T. Gregory GUZIK
[0173] - Receiving function and operation of the wide FOV Cherenkov telescope, presented by Lev TIMOFEEV
[0188] - Use of horizontal cosmic muons to monitor density distribution variations in the Popocatepetl volcano lava dome, presented by Lemus VLADIMIR
[0366] - The modeling of the nuclear composition measurement performance of the Non-Imaging CHErenkov Array (NICHE), presented by John KRIZMANIC
[0121] - The Plan of the Telescope Array Experiment for the Next Five Years, presented by Hiroyuki SAGAWA
[0504] - Octocopter Light Source Test at the Telescope Array Site, presented by Kazuhiro MACHIDA
[0514] - A simulation code for the IR-Camera of the JEM-EUSO Space Observatory, presented by Jose Alberto MORALES DE LOS RIOS
[0518] - Flurescent detector for Tunka-133 EAS Chrenkov array, presented by Leonid TKACHEV
[0519] - UV flashes measured by Tatiana-2 satellite analysis as a significant factor of detector TUS operation, presented by Violetta MORZENKO
[0544] - Probing air-shower physics by Cherenkov effects in radio emission, presented by Olaf SCHOLTEN
[0545] - Onboard calibration system of the JEM-EUSO mission, presented by Naoto SAKAKI
[0546] - Absolute in-flight calibration of the JEM-EUSO telescope with the moonlight, presented by Naoto SAKAKI
[0612] - A Transition Radiation Detector for the BACCUS experiment, presented by Alexander MALININ
[0628] - Photomultiplier Tube Sorting for JEM-EUSO and EUSO-Balloon, presented by Carl BLAKSLEY
[0630] - Study of radiation effects on CREAM electronics, presented by Eun-Suk SEO
[0050] - Analysis of the efficiency of the spectral DCT trigger in arrays of surface detectors, presented by Zbigniew SZADKOWSKI
[0180] - Upgrade of the LHCf detector and future plans, presented by Katsuaki KASAHARA
[0343] - Multi-anode Photomultiplier Tube Reliability analysis and Radiation Hardness Assurance for the JEM-EUSO Space Mission, presented by Héctor PRIETO ALFONSO
[0348] - The TUS detector trigger system tests by optical simulator of EAS, presented by Leonid TKACHEV
[0389] - TALE Hybrid Simulation and Analysis, presented by Dmitri IVANOV
[0393] - A catalog of Forbush decreases of the cosmic radiation between 1997-2007, presented by Omar MUSALEM-RAMIREZ
[0402] - Development of a fast data taking system for a new cosmic ray detector (SciCRT) at Mt. Sierra Negra, Mexico, presented by Yoshinori SASAI
[0407] - Status of the SPHERE experiment 2013, presented by Timur DZHATDOEV
[0422] - The Design of the Flight Radiation Environment Detector, presented by Thomas MÖLLER
[0423] - TUS Fresnel mirror production and optical parameters measurement, presented by Tkachenko ARTUR
[0435] - CALET Calibration on ISS Orbit Using Cosmic Rays, presented by Tae NIITA
[0449] - Absolute Fluorescence Spectrum and Yield Measurements for a wide range of experimental conditions, presented by delphine MONNIER RAGAIGNE
[0182] - Air shower registration algorithm and mathematical processing of showers with radio signal at the Yakutsk array, presented by Igor PETROV
[0201] - Simulation of ultra-high energy photon propagation with PRESHOWER 2.0, presented by Piotr HOMOLA
[0298] - Design and prospect of surface muon detector for Telescope Array experiment, presented by Toshiyuki NOANAKA
[0364] - Search for cavities in the Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun using cosmic muons: preliminary results, presented by Vladimir LEMUS
[0079] - Construction and Characteriztion of Neutron Monitor in Daejeon, Korea at 11.2 GV, presented by Jeongsoo KANG
[0051] - FPGA Based Wavelet Trigger in Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays, presented by Zbigniew SZADKOWSKI
[0134] - Status of hybrid-trigger system of the Telescope Array experiment, presented by Hisao TOKUNO
[0202] - Discrepancies in the Monte Carlo simulations of propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic-ray photons in the geomagnetic field, presented by Piotr HOMOLA
[0324] - A database of charged cosmic rays, presented by Richard TAILLET
[0509] - Future Plans For Cosmic Ray Activities in Saudi Arabia, presented by Abdullrahman MAGHRABI
[0526] - Calibration for the Telescope Array Fluorescence Detector using Portable UV Laser System, presented by Katsuya YAMAZAKI
[1283] - Simulations and the analysis of fake trigger events background in JEM-EUSO experiment, presented by Svetlana BIKTEMEROVA
[0874] - UV Night Background Estimation Inside South Atlantic Anomaly, presented by Thomas MERNIK
[0883] - Detection of cosmic raysusing microwave radiation at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Romain GAIOR
[0885] - Components of the HiSCORE detector and prototype test results, presented by Sergey EPIMAKHOV
[0892] - The ARCADE project: characterization of aerosol attenuation properties in the near UV for astroparticle experiments, presented by Mario BUSCEMI
[0896] - CRs Nuclei Identification with AMS-02, presented by Nicola TOMASSETTI
[0899] - Radio detection of air showers with the Auger Engineering Radio Array, presented by Frank G. SCHRÖDER
[0903] - Proton-Electron discrimination with the AMS02 Electromagnetic Calorimeter, presented by Laurent M. BASARA
[0910] - Analysis of the efficiency of the filters suppressing the RFI being developed for the AERA++, presented by Zbigniew SZADKOWSKI
[0917] - Energy Calibration with MIP in space and charge measurement with AMS02 Electromagnetic Calorimeter, presented by Laurent M. BASARA
[0919] - Retrieving cloud top height in the JEM-EUSO Cosmic-ray observation system, presented by Mario BERTAINA
[0920] - Measuring Atmospheric Aerosol Attenuation at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Laura VALORE
[0924] - The measurement of cosmic muons with the WILLI-EAS detection system, presented by Bogdan MITRICA
[0940] - Measurement of the absolute charge of cosmic ray nuclei with the AMS Transition Radiation Detector, presented by Wei SUN
[0943] - Development of a custom-made DAQ system for Neutron Monitor and Muon Telescope at Mexico City’s Cosmic Ray Observatory, presented by Rocio GARCIA GINEZ
[0946] - The Global Muon Detector Network - GMDN The Brazilian Contribution for Space Weather Forecasting, presented by Nelson Jorge SCHUCH
[0952] - Monitoring for Telescope Array fluorescence detector PMT Camera by YAP and Xe flasher, presented by Bokkyun SHIN
[0953] - Modern status of the ’PAMIR-XXI’ Project, presented by Alexander BORISOV
[0954] - Comparison of ZHAireS and CoREAS radio emission simulations in the Ultra-High Frequency Band, presented by Brian RAUCH
[0789] - Nuclear charge measurement with the AMS-02 Silicon Tracker, presented by Pierre SAOUTER
[0806] - Measurements of the Optical Properties of the Auger Fluorescence Telescopes, presented by Michael UNGER
[0809] - Characterization of the HAWC R5912 photomultipliers, presented by Andres SANDOVAL
[0817] - CALET Positron/Electron Measurements Using the Geomagnetic Field, presented by Brian RAUCH
[0818] - Global Light System for JEM-EUSO, presented by Lawrence WIENCKE
[0849] - In-flight operations and efficiency of the AMS-02 silicon tracker, presented by Jose BAZO ALBA
[0854] - Front-end electronics based on an autonomous, trigger-less ASIC for LHAASO, presented by Tiina SUOMIJARVI
[0858] - Absolute calibration of the focal surface of the Jem-Euso telescope, presented by Philippe GORODETZKY
[0868] - Progress of DAMPE?Chinese high energy cosmic particle detector to be in space, presented by Jian WU
[0869] - The Super-TIGER Scintillating Fiber Hodoscope, presented by John Ennis WARD
[0871] - The impact of Fluorescence Yield selection on the energy scales of Auger, HiRes and TA, presented by Fernando ARQUEROS
[0712] - The AMIGA muon detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory: overview and status, presented by Federico SUAREZ
[0713] - On-line and off-line data analysis for the TA-EUSO and BALLOON-EUSO experiments, presented by Lech PIOTROWSKI
[0716] - The trigger system of DAMPE, presented by JianHua GUO
[0721] - Optics development of ultra high energy cosmic rays detector KLYPVE on-board ISS, presented by Sergey SHARAKIN
[0724] - The project of EAS array for Experimental Complex NEVOD, presented by Igor YASHIN
[0726] - CALET observational performance expected by CERN beam test, presented by Yosui AKAIKE
[0732] - Comparison between Monte Carlo simulation codes for emulsion chambers, presented by Kazuki YANGISAWA
[0742] - High precision measurement of the AMS-RICH aerogel refractive index with cosmic-ray, presented by William GILLARD
[0748] - Measuring the accuracy of the AMIGA muon counters at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Simone MALDERA
[0765] - The Front-End Electronics of the EUSO-BALLOON UV Camera, presented by Hiroko MIYAMOTO
[0775] - The Scintillation Detectors of the Super-TIGER Balloon Experiment, presented by Jason LINK
[0777] - Simulating the JEM-EUSO Mission: Scientific Objectives and Expected Performance, presented by Thomas MERNIK
[0607] - Hybrid measurement of cosmic rays at the knee region with LHAASO, presented by Xinhua MA
[0633] - Estimation of the Total Signal in Saturated Stations of Pierre Auger Surface Detector, presented by Darko VEBERIC
[0647] - The CALET Structure and Thermal Model used for beam test at CERN, presented by Yoshitaka UEYAMA
[0653] - A 3-dimensional electromagnetic shower characterization and its application to AMS-02 pointing capability, presented by Manuela VECCHI
[0672] - Long-term monitoring of the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Paolo CAMARRI
[0676] - Observation of Elves at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Aurelio Siro TONACHINI
[0678] - Detailed description of EUSO-BALLOON instrument, presented by Camille MORETTO
[0735] - Dark Matter Search with CALET, presented by Kenji YOSHIDA
[0875] - ESAF-Simulation of the EUSO-Balloon, presented by Thomas MERNIK
[0959] - In-flight Performance of the Super-TIGER Cherenkov counters, presented by Ryan MURPHY
[0968] - Education and Outreach Activities of the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Jöerg HÖERANDEL
[0983] - An Efficient Technique for the Reconstruction of Extensive Air Showers using Non-Imaging Cherenkov Measurements, presented by Douglas BERGMAN
[0985] - Development of Digital Signal Processing Algorithms for Muon Detection and Pulse-height distribution estimation, presented by Marcos Alfonso ANZORENA MÉNDEZ
[0992] - Thermodynamic Analysis of The BGO Calorimeter, presented by Dengyi CHEN
[0994] - Cloud Monitoring at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Johana CHIRINOS
[0997] - Performance of the ED and the prototype array for LHAASO-KM2A, presented by liu JIA
[0999] - Study of the liner for the muon detector of LHAASO-KM2A, presented by Feng SHAOHUI
[1003] - Three Experiments to Detect Microwave emission from Extensive Airshowers through Molecular Bremsstrahlung Radiation, presented by Tokonatsu YAMAMOTO
[1006] - Design of PMT voltage divider for high dynamic range, presented by L. HONGKUI
[1013] - Measurement of Cosmic rays with LHAASO from 10 PeV to 100 PeV, presented by L. L. MA
[1014] - A description of the air fluorescence emission for reconstructing extensive air showers, presented by Yoshiki TSUNESADA
[1015] - Results of Tests and Simulations for the Top Counting Detector and Bottom Counting Detector of the ISS-CREAM Experiment, presented by JeongMin PARK
[1017] - Development of Top/Bottom Counting Detectors for the CREAM Experiment on the ISS, presented by Hyun HYOJUNG
[1020] - Mechanical Design of the DAMPE BGO Calorimeter, presented by Yiming HU
[1026] - Front End Electronics for the BGO Calorimeter of DAMPE Prototype Detector, presented by Changqing FENG
[1028] - In-flight determination of the AMS-RICH photon yield, presented by Francesca GIOVACCHINI
[1035] - The analog detector of the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Stefano MASTROIANNI
[1040] - Manufacturing of the TA-EUSO and EUSO-Balloon lenses, presented by Yousuke HACHISU
[1046] - The AMS-02 time of flight (TOF) system: construction and overall performances in space, presented by Lucio QUADRANI
[1055] - On MATROSHKA / DOSTEL Data Interpretation, presented by Johannes LABRENZ
[1064] - AMS-02 Track reconstruction and rigidity measurement, presented by Paolo ZUCCON
[1068] - On the methods to determine signal attenuation curve for different surface arrays, presented by Jakub VICHA
[1072] - Atmospheric Monitoring system of JEM-EUSO telescope, presented by Andrii NERONOV
[1079] - The monitoring system of the Pierre Auger Observatory: on-line and long-term data quality controls, presented by Carla BONIFAZI
[1081] - Aerosol characterization at the Pierre Auger Observatory, presented by Maria Isabel MICHELETTI
[1082] - The MonRAt telescope for atmospheric fluorescence radiation, presented by Marcelo Augusto LEIGUI-DE-OLIVEIRA
[1084] - CosMO - A Cosmic Muon Observer Experiment for Students, presented by Arne SCHOENWALD
[1085] - Optimization of the Orbiting Wide-angle Light Collectors (OWL) Mission for Charged-Particle and Neutrino Astronomy, presented by John KRIZMANIC
[1089] - Performance of the SPACIROC front-end ASIC for JEM-EUSO, presented by Hiroko MIYAMOTO
[1090] - Measurement with a Phoswich detector on a stratospheric balloon, presented by Enno SCHARRENBERG
[1097] - Calibration of the AMS-02 Time of Flight detector, presented by Qi YAN
[1102] - Interface board for the first prototype of the AMIGA muon detector, presented by Mariela VIDELA
[1106] - The Effect of Snow Accumulation on Signals in IceTop, presented by Katherine RAWLINS
[1173] - Realisation of Events Trigger System for space-borne Gamma-Ray Burst Polarimeter, POLAR, presented by Dominik RYBKA
[1178] - Positron and proton separation with the AMS-RICH detector, presented by Luisa ARRUDA
[1190] - AMIGA at the Auger Observatory: The telecommunications system, presented by Manuel PLATINO
[1201] - The Upgrade Of The LAGO Project At Sierra Negra, Mexico, presented by Ruben CONDE
[1208] - Implementing a new water cherenkov detector in Riobamba (Ecuador) as part of the LAGO detection network, presented by Edgar CARRERA JARRIN
[1209] - Design and implementation of an embedded system for particles detectors, presented by Daniel Alejandro ALMELA
[1219] - Instrumentation of a Cherenkov tank for the project LIDRAE, presented by Vitor Prestes LUZIO
[1232] - Operations and Alignment of the AMS-02 Transition Radiation Detector, presented by Karen ANDEEN
[1256] - JEM-EUSO Design for Accommodation on the SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft, presented by Mark CHRISTL
[1278] - The Tunka-Rex antenna station, presented by Grigory RUBTSOV
[1281] - Observation Of Extensive Air Showers Produced By Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays In Cloudy Sky By JEM-EUSO, presented by Guadalupe SÁEZ CANO
[1282] - Pattern recognition and direction reconstruction for JEM-EUSO experiment, presented by Svetlana BIKTEMEROVA
[1295] - Searches for large-scale anisotropies of cosmic rays: harmonic analysis and shuffling technique, presented by Francesco SALAMIDA

9.3 Cosmic Rays Physics – Theory, model and simulation


[0124] - Description of the fine structure in the cosmic ray electron spectrum measured by the ATIC experiment with nearby pulsars and prediction of the fine structure in the positron fraction spectrum, presented by Alexander PANOV
[0137] - Very high-energy cosmic-ray muon flux, presented by Tatiana SINEGOVSKAYA
[0156] - At what rigidity does the solar modulation of cosmic rays begin?, presented by Roelf STRAUSS
[0178] - Effect of forward meson spectra on Xmax determination, presented by Takashi SAKO
[0231] - Collimation of high energy particles in EAS cores, presented by Jean-Noël CAPDEVIELLE
[0323] - Statistical properties of cosmic ray fluxes and anisotropy predictions, presented by Richard TAILLET
[0091] - Point spread function due to multiple scattering of light in the atmosphere, presented by Jaroslaw STASIELAK
[0548] - Full Monte Carlo simulations of radio emission from extensive air showers with CoREAS, presented by Tim HUEGE
[0571] - Hadronic cross section influence on the EAS composition, presented by Hendrik MARQUES SOARES
[0590] - A semi-analytical approach to infer the diffusion and drift coefficients for the propagation of cosmic rays in highly turbulent magnetic fields, presented by Haris LYBERIS
[0357] - 3D anisotropic diffusion in DRAGON: implementation and physical implications, presented by Daniele GAGGERO
[0251] - The lateral shower age parameter as a estimator of chemical composition, presented by Alex TAPIA
[0282] - Tau neutrino search with Cherenkov telescope, presented by Dariusz GORA
[0461] - Identification of extreme energy photons with JEM-EUSO, presented by Alberto SUPANITSKY
[0472] - Testing chemical composition of highest energy comic rays, presented by Dalibor NOSEK
[0475] - Simulations of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field conditions with NARX networks, presented by Alessandro Gerson Moura IZZO DE OLIVEIRA
[0216] - Lithium synthesis around stellar mass black holes, presented by Fabio IOCCO
[0144] - The absence of the GZK suppression in the energy spectrum of the cosmic radiation, presented by Antonio CODINO
[0361] - Impact of annihilation and triplet pair production on CR positron propagation, presented by Daniele GAGGERO
[0462] - Neutrino flavor discrimination at the highest energies, presented by Alberto SUPANITSKY
[1057] - Study on the primary mass sensitivity of muon multiplicity measured with (YAC-II +Tibet-III + MD) experiment, presented by Ding CHEN
[1151] - On the contribution of pulsars to the positron fraction in cosmic rays, presented by Davide ROZZA
[0904] - Modelling of secondary cosmic ray spectra for Solar Cycles 22 and 23, presented by Blahoslav PASTIRCAK
[0918] - EleCa: a Monte Carlo code for the propagation of extragalactic photons at ultra-high energy, presented by Mariangela SETTIMO
[0797] - Propagation of the Ultra High Energy Cosmic-Ray, presented by Rita de Cassia ANJOS
[0631] - Sensitivity of the orbiting JEM-EUSO mission to large-scale cosmic-ray anisotropies, presented by Thomas WEILER
[0640] - Parametrization of the Longitudinal Profile of Cosmic Ray Showers, presented by Raul RIBEIRO PRADO
[0665] - Geant4 Simulation Of The Cosmic Ray Veto Of The Mass Resonant Mario Schenberg Gravitational Wave Detector, presented by Luiz Augusto STUANI PEREIRA
[0677] - Exotic signatures in IceCube from physics beyond the Standard Model - Signal simulations and background studies, presented by Lisa GERHARDT
[0022] - Search for gamma-ray induced showers from the lateral distribution of electrons in EAS, presented by Rajat K DEY
[0146] - The revolution prompted by the measurements of the energy spectra of the cosmic Boron and Carbon, presented by Antonio CODINO
[0193] - On estimation of p-air cross section from EAS studies, presented by Rajat K DEY
[0463] - On the statistics of the mean value determination of the depth of maximum for extensive air showers, presented by Alberto SUPANITSKY
[1041] - Propagation of UHECRs in cosmological backgrounds: some results from SimProp, presented by Armando DI MATTEO
[1049] - A Monte Carlo study to measure heavy-component spectra of the primary cosmic-rays at the knee by a new hybrid experiment (YAC-II+Tibet-III+MD), presented by Jing HUANG
[1094] - Self-consistent modeling of cosmogenic radionuclide production rates during the Holocene, presented by Klaudia HERBST
[1114] - GeoMag and HelMod webmodels version for magnetosphere and heliosphere transport of cosmic rays, presented by Stefano DELLA TORRE
[1115] - Impact of cosmic ray transport scenarios on the local positron fraction, presented by Iris GEBAUER
[1148] - Geomagnetic Backtracing: a comparison of Tsyganenko 1996 and 2005 External Field models with AMS-02 data, presented by Davide ROZZA
[1168] - CME based hurricane forecasting, presented by Rajiv KUMAR
[1211] - Simulation of surface detector arrays at different altitudes to study the second knee energy region, presented by Diego MELO
[1236] - Characterization of San Antonio de los Cobres for a Cherenkov telescope in energy range from 20 GeV to 100 GeV, presented by Diego MELO
[1254] - Comparison of the moments of the Xmax distribution predicted by different cosmic ray shower simulation models, presented by Carlos José TODERO PEIXOTO
[1298] - Proton-proton cross sections at very high energies, presented by Anderson Kendi KOHARA
[1165] - Determining the Spectrum of Cosmic Rays from the Diffuse Galactic Gamma-ray Emissivity, presented by Elena ORLANDO
[0017] - On The Possibility of a Proton Component from Coma/A1367 Super-cluster Direction, presented by Pante’a DAVOUDIFAR
[0082] - Derivation of Neutron Ambient Dose Using Neutron Monitor in Daejeon, presented by Yun Ho KIM
[0285] - The nature of long-flying component in cosmic rays according to the X-ray emulsion chamber of the Pamir experiment, presented by Aleksandr BORISOV
[1110] - Study on origin of multi-core events in cosmic rays extensive air showers, presented by Yonggang LUO

Chapter 10
Dark Matter Physics

10.1 Dark Matter Physics – Experimental results


[0522] - Quark nuggets search using 2350 Kgr. gravitational waves aluminum bar detectors, presented by Francesco RONGA
[0888] - Limits on Indirect Detection of WIMPs with the HAWC Observatory, presented by Brian BAUGHMAN
[0993] - Search for extended gamma-ray emission from the Virgo galaxy cluster with Fermi/LAT, presented by Tobias JOGLER
[1044] - MAGIC observation of the unassociated Fermi-LAT object 2FGLJ1410.4+7411, presented by Irene LOZANO JIMENEZ
[1145] - Dark Matter Annihilation Limits from Dwarf Galaxies using VERITAS, presented by Ben ZITZER
[1169] - Searching for Q-balls with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory, presented by Patrick YOUNK

10.2 Dark Matter Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0088] - Optimized analysis method for indirect dark matter searches with Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes, presented by Javier RICO
[0749] - Particle Idenification Using Artiicial neural Netwoks at DAMPE, presented by Yunlong ZHANG

10.3 Dark Matter Physics – Theory, model and simulations


[0035] - Understanding the Dynamical Behaviour of Chaplygin Gas Cosmology, presented by Julie SAIKIA
[0038] - Dynamical Interpretation of Viscous Term of Chaplygin Gas Cosmology, presented by Balendra Kumar Dev CHOUDHURY
[0619] - Quantum statistical multifragmentation model for the production of astrophysical strangelets, presented by Rajat K DEY
[0638] - Tracing the interplay between non-thermal dark matter and right-handed Dirac neutrinos, presented by Brian VLCEK

Chapter 11
Gamma Ray Astronomy

11.1 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Experimental Result


[0150] - MAGIC Gamma-ray Observations of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster, presented by Fabio ZANDANEL
[0203] - Modeling the Shell of Cassiopeia A to find the TeV Gamma-ray Emission Region, presented by Tülün ERGIN
[0314] - MAGIC detection of VHE gamma-ray emission from MAGIC J2001+435 and multi-wavelength study, presented by Kazuhito KODANI
[0345] - MAGIC discovery of VHE gamma-rays from the BL Lac object 1ES 0033+595, presented by Saverio LOMBARDI
[0354] - Very-high-energy gamma-ray emission from high-redshift blazars with Fermi-LAT data in the southern hemisphere, presented by Shimpei TSUJIMOTO
[0381] - MAGIC discovery and multiwavelength observations of the BL Lac 1ES 1727+502, presented by Karsten BERGER
[0427] - Limits To The Gamma Ray Bursts Emission In The 1-100 Gev Energy Range With ARGO-YBJ, presented by Carlo Francesco VIGORITO
[0445] - Search of radio counterpart for the Fermi/VERITAS PWN candidate in the SNR CTA 1, presented by Elsa GIACANI
[0608] - Observations of TeV binary systems with the H.E.S.S. telescope, presented by Hélčne LAFFON
[0204] - Studying the Supernova Remnant G31.9+0.0 in Gamma and X-Rays, presented by Tülün ERGIN
[0383] - Studying flux variability of the BL Lac object 1ES0806+524 with MAGIC in a multiwavelength context, presented by Karsten BERGER
[0397] - Search for TeV gamma-ray emission from AE Aqr coincident with high optical and X-ray states with the MAGIC telescopes, presented by Rubén LÓPEZ-COTO
[0454] - On the redshift of the gamma-ray blazar PKS 0447-439: Optical spectroscopy using Gemini observations with high S/N ratio, presented by Adrián C. ROVERO
[0502] - TeV gamma-ray variability and duty cycle of Mrk 421 as determined by 3 Years of Milagro monitoring, presented by Barbara PATRICELLI
[1048] - Study of the Very High Energy emission from Supernova Remnants with H.E.S.S, presented by Diane FERNANDEZ
[0547] - Multiwavelength study of the region around the ANTARES neutrino excess, presented by Fabian SCHÜSSLER
[0588] - A multi-wavelength view of VHE gamma ray flares from Mrk421 and Mrk 501 observed by the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Songzhan CHEN
[0593] - Studying the Cygnus region with the HAWC Observatory, presented by Chiumun HUI
[0605] - MGRO J2019+37 multi-wavelength observations, presented by Hou CHAO
[0691] - Search for VHE gamma-ray emission from Geminga with the MAGIC telescopes, presented by Marcos LOPEZ-MOYA
[0498] - A Northern Sky Survey for TeV gamma-ray steady point sources using the Tibet-III air shower array, presented by Atsushi SHIOMI
[0743] - Search for very short gamma-ray bursts at the Andyrchy EAS array on millisecond timescale, presented by Alexander GAPONENKO
[0753] - Study of the Crab Nebula TeV emission variability during 5 years with ARGO-YBJ, presented by Silvia VERNETTO
[0784] - Observation of the Moon Shadow and Characterization of the Point Response of HAWC-30, presented by Daniel FIORINO
[0799] - Upper limits from five years of VERITAS blazar observations, presented by Matteo CERRUTI
[0801] - HAWC sensitivity for the Rate-Density of Evaporating Primordial Black Holes, presented by Dirk LENNARZ
[0831] - Sensitivity of the HAWC Observatory to Violations of Lorentz Invariance, presented by Lukas NELLEN
[1009] - Observation of pulsars from HAGAR Cherenkov telescope, presented by B S ACHARYA
[0930] - Limits on the primordial black hole evaporation rate with H.E.S.S, presented by Jean-François GLICENSTEIN
[0949] - Constraints on axion-like particles with H.E.S.S. from observations of PKS 2155-304, presented by Pierre BRUN
[0955] - Searching for blazars among the Fermi-LAT unidentified sources in the Galactic plane, presented by Ana C. PICHEL
[0956] - Sagittarius dwarf galaxy observed by H.E.S.S, presented by Giovanni LAMANNA
[1010] - Monitoring of Blazars from HAGAR Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by B S ACHARYA
[1107] - The 2013 multiwavelength campaign on the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxy 1H 0323+342, presented by Dorit EISENACHER
[1111] - Detailed multifrequency studies of the High-Frequency-Peaked BL Lac object 1ES 1011+496 in 2011 and 2012, presented by Simona PAIANO
[1117] - Are most of the very high energy gamma-ray unidentified sources relic pulsar wind nebulae?, presented by Michael VORSTER
[1118] - Observation of a muon excess following a gamma-ray burst event detected at the International Space Station, presented by Carlos NAVIA
[1120] - VER J2019+407 and the Cygnus cocoon, presented by Joshua CARDENZANA
[1147] - Lorentz Invariance Violation Limits from the Crab Pulsar using VERITAS, presented by Ben ZITZER
[1160] - Sensitivity of the HAWC Observatory to Gamma-ray Bursts Using the Scaler System, presented by Dirk LENNARZ

11.2 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0076] - Performance and analysis techniques of the MAGIC telescopes’ DRS4-based readout, presented by Julian SITAREK
[0077] - Towards a common analysis framework for gamma-ray astronomy, presented by Jürgen KNÖDLSEDER
[0089] - Enrico : a python package to simplify Fermi-LAT analysis, presented by David SANCHEZ
[0090] - Monitoring and calibration of the atmosphere in MAGIC, presented by Lluís FONT
[0109] - The ASTRI Mini-Array Science Case, presented by Giovanni PARESCHI
[0110] - The Site of the ASTRI SST-2M Telescope Prototype, presented by Maria Concetta MACCARONE
[0111] - The ASTRI SST-2M Prototype: Camera and Electronics, presented by Maria Concetta MACCARONE
[0122] - The MAGIC telescopes DAQ software and the on-the-fly online analysis client, presented by Daniela HADASCH
[0151] - Towards a full Atmospheric Calibration system for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Michele DORO
[0176] - Schwarzschild-Couder telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: Development of the Optical System, presented by Julien ROUSSELLE
[0346] - Multi-Wavelength Scanning Raman Lidar To Observe Atmospheric Transmission, presented by Pablo RISTORI
[0190] - Study on a water Cherenkov EAS experiment at 5200M altitude, presented by Yi ZHANG
[0206] - Development of the Photomultiplier-Tube Readout System for the CTA Large Size Telescope, presented by Hidetoshi KUBO
[0207] - Developments for coating, testing, and aligning Cherenkov Telescope Array mirrors in Tbingen, presented by Antonio BONARDI
[0210] - The IFAE/UAB and LUPM Raman LIDARs for Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory, presented by Alicia LOPEZ-ORAMAS
[0218] - Systematic search for gamma-ray emitting molecular clouds in the vicinity of supernova remnants, presented by Stephanie HÄFFNER
[0224] - Single-mirror Small-Size Telescope structure for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Jacek NIEMIEC
[0228] - GRAINE project : The observation of cosmic gamma-rays with balloon-borne emulsion telescope, presented by Satoru TAKAHASHI
[0237] - Characterization of Potential U.S. Sites for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Rene ONG
[0281] - Open-structure composite mirrors for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Michal DYRDA
[0328] - The Expected Observation Results on Gamma Ray Astronomy by LHAASO-KM2A Experiment, presented by Shuwang CUI
[0334] - Geomagnetic field and altitude effects on the performance of future IACT arrays, presented by Dorota SOBCZYNSKA
[0344] - Study Of Casleo Clear Sky Aerosol Loads In 2011 From One Year Of Aeronet Quality Assured Data, presented by Lidia OTERO
[1158] - Results from the WhiteRabbit sub-nsec time synchronization setup at HiSCORE-Tunka, presented by Ralf WISCHNEWSKI
[0060] - SST-GATE: A dual mirror telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Andreas ZECH
[0338] - All-Sky Monitor in Hard X-Rays and Soft Gamma-Rays with Wide-Field Gamma-Ray Telescope Gammascope, presented by Sergej SVERTILOV
[0371] - Mechanics and cooling system for the camera of the Large Size Telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), presented by Carlos DELGADO
[0379] - In-situ measurements of whole-dish reflectivity for VERITAS, presented by Simon ARCHAMBAULT
[0387] - Performance of the Cherenkov Telescope Array at energies above 10 TeV, presented by Anna BARNACKA
[0396] - An Analog Trigger System for Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Arrays, presented by Rubén LÓPEZ-COTO
[0431] - A Compact High Energy Camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Michael DANIEL
[0436] - An Outdoor test facility for the Cherenkov Telescope Array mirrors, presented by Jessica DIPOLD
[0440] - Pointing Calibration for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Medium Size Telescope Prototype, presented by Louise OAKES
[0660] - Impact of E-ELT laser light on Cherenkov Telescope Array cameras, presented by Markus GAUG
[0335] - Images of gamma-ray shower in Cherenkov Telescopes in presence of clouds, presented by Dorota SOBCZYNSKA
[0465] - Influence of atmospheric aerosols on the performance of the MAGIC telescopes, presented by Daniel GARRIDO TERRATS
[0468] - The ASTRI SST-2M Prototype: Structure and Mirror, presented by Giovanni PARESCHI
[0469] - Boosting the performance of the ASTRI SST-2M prototype: reflective and anti-reflective coatings, presented by Giovanni PARESCHI
[0474] - Using Raster Scans of Bright Stars to Measure the Relative Total Throughputs of Cherenkov Telescopes, presented by Sean GRIFFIN
[0489] - Real-time AGN Flare Monitor for the HAWC Observatory, presented by Robert LAUER
[0535] - Large Size Telescope camera support structures for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Giovanni LAMANNA
[0714] - Hunting for Gamma Ray Bursts with Pi of the Sky telescopes, presented by Lech PIOTROWSKI
[0773] - MARS, the MAGIC analysis and reconstruction software, presented by Roberta ZANIN
[0813] - Light concentrator for LHAASO-WFCTA, presented by Rui YANG
[0824] - Deployment of the HAWC gamma-ray observatory in Sierra Negra, Mexico, presented by Ibrahim TORRES
[1007] - CALET Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (CGBM), presented by Kazutaka YAMAOKA
[0563] - Towards the ASTRI mini-array, presented by Carlo MORELLO
[0564] - The ASTRI Cherenkov telescope expected performance, presented by Ciro BIGONGIARI
[0566] - Calibration and Reconstruction Performance of the HAWC Observatory, presented by Robert LAUER
[0587] - Status of R & D Studies for Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astrophysics at Energies Greater than 10 TeV in Akeno, presented by Michiko OHISHI
[0596] - Status of the Analysis Chains for the H.E.S.S. II Array, presented by Markus HOLLER
[0604] - Study on the sensitivity of high energy GRB detection with a 22500M2 water cerenkov array at 5200M attitude, presented by Mingming KANG
[0609] - Characterization of the candidate site for Cherenkov Telescope Array at the ?Observatorio del Teide?, Tenerife, presented by Irene PUERTO-GIMENEZ
[0610] - Influence of aerosols from biomass burning on the spectral analysis of Cherenkov telescopes, presented by Henning GAST
[0624] - Detection prospects for short time-scale transient events at VHE with current and next generation Cherenkov observatories, presented by Saverio LOMBARDI
[0625] - Calibration of the ASTRI SST-2M Prototype Using Muon Ring Images, presented by Elisabetta STRAZZERI
[0627] - CALET perspectives in high-energy gamma-ray observations, presented by Alexander MOISEEV
[0651] - Timing Calibration of the HAWC Observatory, presented by Chiumun HUI
[0655] - Optimized next-neighbour image cleaning method for Cherenkov Telescopes, presented by Igor TELEZHINSKY
[0658] - Night Sky Background Analysis for the Cherenkov Telescope Array using the Atmoscope instrument, presented by Markus GAUG
[0666] - Status of the new Sum-Trigger system for the MAGIC telescopes, presented by Jezabel RODRÍGUEZ GARCÍA
[0683] - FACT - How stable are the silicon photon detectors?, presented by Jens BUSS
[0702] - Sensitivity and Status of the HAWC Observatory, presented by Jordan GOODMAN
[0708] - FACT: Towards Robotic Operation of an Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope, presented by Adrian BILAND
[0709] - FACT: Measuring atmospheric conditions with Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes, presented by Dorothee HILDEBRAND
[0720] - FACT - Threshold prediction for higher duty cycle and improved scheduling, presented by Thomas BRETZ
[0755] - Dielectric Coatings for IACT mirrors, presented by Andreas FOERSTER
[0764] - High confidence AGN candidates among unidentified Fermi-LAT sources via statistical classification, presented by Marlene DOERT
[0767] - The NectarCAM camera project, presented by Jean-François GLICENSTEIN
[0782] - High Voltage Signal Cable Fabrication and Testing for the HAWC Observatory, presented by David KIEDA
[0787] - New Imaging camera for the MAGIC-I Telescope, presented by D. NAKAJIMA
[0790] - HAWC Contributions to IGMF Studies, presented by Thomas WEISGARBER
[0828] - Test System Building and Performance Evaluation of PMT for LHAASO-WFCTA, presented by Ge MAOMAO
[0836] - Study on optimization of water Cherenkov detector array of LHAASO project for surveying VHE gamma rays sources, presented by H. C. LI
[0838] - Time calibration of LHAASO-WCDA engineering array, presented by Bo GAO
[0839] - Charge calibration of LHAASO-WCDA engineering array, presented by Bo GAO
[0840] - 4m Davies-Cotton telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Rafal MODERSKI
[0847] - The Formation of Condensation on Cherenkov Telescope Mirrors, presented by Andreas FOERSTER
[1138] - The VERITAS Upgraded Camera Trigger Systems: Technical Details and Performance Characterization, presented by Matthew ORR
[0916] - FlashCam: A fully digital camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Gerd PUEHLHOFER
[0922] - The ASTRI Mini-Array Software System, presented by Gino TOSTI
[0923] - Improved sensitivity of H.E.S.S.-II through the fifth telescope focus system, presented by Fabien KRAYZEL
[0925] - ASTRI SST-2M Data Handling and Archiving, presented by Lucio Angelo ANTONELLI
[0926] - Commissioning and initial performance of the H.E.S.S. II drive system, presented by Petter HOFVERBERG
[0931] - Muon identification with VERITAS using the Hough transform, presented by Jonathan TYLER
[0936] - The Real-Time Analysis of Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory, presented by Andrea BULGARELLI
[0950] - Composite mirror facets for ground based gamma ray astronomy, presented by Pierre BRUN
[0957] - Accounting for the Sun and the Moon in Fermi-LAT Analysis, presented by Gudlaugur JOHANNESSON
[0960] - Sites in Argentina for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Project, presented by Gonzalo DE LA VEGA
[0970] - Enhancing HAWCs response to sub-TeV Transient Sources, presented by Segev BENZVI
[0991] - Monte Carlo comparison of medium-size telescope designs for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Tobias JOGLER
[0347] - Development of radiation hardened Multi Pixel Photon Counters, presented by Takeshi NAKAMORI
[0657] - Comparison of Different Trigger and Readout Approaches for Cameras in the Cherenkov Telescope Array Project, presented by Ralf WISCHNEWSKI
[0659] - A Central Laser Facility for Cherenkov Telescope Observatory, presented by Markus GAUG
[0692] - Simulations of the MAGIC telescopes with matelsim, presented by Marcos LOPEZ-MOYA
[0715] - GLORIA - Global Robotic Telescope Intelligent Array, presented by Lech PIOTROWSKI
[1053] - Progress in Monte Carlo design and optimization of the Cherenkov Telescope Array, presented by Jim HINTON
[1054] - A novel LIDAR-based Atmospheric Calibration Method for Improving the Data Analysis of MAGIC, presented by Christian FRUCK
[1105] - Improvement on the H.E.S.S. angular resolution by the Disp method, presented by Chia-Chun LU
[1146] - A White Rabbit setup for sub-nsec synchronization, timestamping and time calibration in large scale astroparticle physics experiments, presented by Ralf WISCHNEWSKI
[1227] - Simulations of a sectioned Water Cherenkov Detector (WCD) for upgrading the Large Aperture Gamma Ray Burst Obsevatory (LAGO) in Sierra Negra by using GEANT4, presented by Aline GALINDO

11.3 Gamma Ray Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations


[0049] - Blazar SEDs and Lightcurves of time-dependent cooled electrons, presented by Michael ZACHARIAS
[0080] - Nonthermal emission of supernova remnant SN 1006 revisited: theoretical model and the H.E.S.S. results, presented by Evgeny BEREZHKO
[0117] - Modulated gamma-ray emission from milisecond pulsar binary systems, presented by Wlodek BEDNAREK
[0120] - Testing time variability of gamma-ray flux, presented by Stanislav STEFANIK
[0215] - Time-dependent Modelling of Pulsar Wind Nebulae, presented by Michael VORSTER
[0260] - Fitting the extragalactic background with TeV gamma ray spectra of blazars, presented by Qiang YUAN
[0408] - Inverse Compton emission model with the radiation from shocked Be disk in the gamma-ray binary PSR B1259-63, presented by Masaki YAMAGUCHI
[0419] - Numerical modelling of stellar wind cavities and supernova remnant evolution, presented by Augusts VAN DER SCHYFF
[0372] - Exploring high-energy processes in binary systems with CTA, presented by Olaf REIMER
[0061] - Signatures of relativistic protons in CTA blazar spectra, presented by Andreas ZECH
[0441] - The Impact of the Altitude of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) Observa- tory on Future Searches for a Signature from Dark Matter Self-annihilation in the Milky Way Halo, presented by Louise OAKES
[0706] - An All-Sky Simulation of the Response of HAWC to Sources of Cosmic Rays and Gamma Rays, presented by Segev BENZVI
[0759] - Modeling of the non-thermal emission from the cloudlet-dominated Vela SNR, presented by Iurii SUSHCH
[0945] - Anisotropic Inverse Compton e± pair model for the gamma-ray emission from the blazar PKS 1510-089, presented by Julian SITAREK
[1067] - Broadband Emission Structure of Pulsar Wind Nebulae, presented by Shuta TANAKA
[1096] - Simulations of Line-of-sight UHECR-induced Gamma Rays from Blazars using CRPropa, presented by Jonathan DUMM
[1113] - DMMW - a tool for multi-wavelength dark matter searches, presented by Iris GEBAUER
[1184] - The role of fast magnetic reconnection in acceleration zones of microquasars and AGNs, presented by Luís Henrique Sinki KADOWAKI

Chapter 12
Neutrino Astronomy

12.1 Neutrino Astronomy – Experimental Results


[0413] - Measurement of the Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Spectrum with IceCube-59, presented by Tim RUHE
[0453] - Neutrino Burts From Gravitational Stellar Collapses With Lvd: 20 Years Of Continuous Monitoring, presented by Carlo Francesco VIGORITO
[0455] - Search for sterile neutrinos with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, presented by Marius WALLRAFF
[0471] - Searches for multiple neutrino sources in the Cygnus region and beyond with three years of IceCube data, presented by Anna BERNHARD
[0492] - Seasonal variations of atmospheric neutrino flux detected by the IceCube Observatory, presented by Thomas GAISSER
[0510] - Prototyping phase of the BAIKAL-GVD project, presented by Nikolay BUDNEV
[0537] - High-Energy Gamma-Ray Follow-Up Program Using Neutrino Triggers from IceCube, presented by Dariusz GORA
[0539] - Search for multi-flares of high energy neutrinos from Active Galactic Nuclei with the IceCube detector, presented by Angel CRUZ SILVA
[0541] - Calculating energy-dependent limits on neutrino point source fluxes with stacking and unfolding techniques in IceCube, presented by Fabian CLEVERMANN
[0557] - Probing cosmic-ray production in massive open star clusters with three years of IceCube data, presented by Andreas GROSS
[0572] - Results and future developments of the search for subrelativistic magnetic monopoles with IceCube, presented by Mohamed Lotfi BENABDERRAHMANE
[0614] - Gravitational Lensing and Neutrinos with the ANTARES Deep-Sea Telescope, presented by Juan-Jose HERNANDEZ-REY
[0621] - The Search for Neutrino Bursts at the Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope, presented by Alexander GAPONENKO
[0636] - Measurement of the atmospheric νμ energy spectrum with the ANTARES neutrino telescope, presented by Luigi Antonio FUSCO
[0778] - Searches for coincident High Energy Neutrinos and Gravitational Wave Bursts using the ANTARES and VIRGO/LIGO detectors, presented by Thierry PRADIER
[0780] - Search for TeV electron neutrinos from Gamma Ray Bursts with the ARGO-YBJ experiment, presented by Tristano DI GIROLAMO
[0834] - Performance of the ARIANNA Neutrino Telescope, presented by Steven BARWICK
[0852] - Optical and X-ray follow-up analyses with IceCube, presented by Markus VOGE
[0942] - Stacked searches for high energy neutrinos from Blazars with the IceCube detector, presented by Kai SCHATTO
[1045] - LUNASKA searches for ultra-high-energy particle interactions in the Moon, presented by Clancy JAMES
[1180] - Search for Prompt Neutrino Emission from Gamma Ray Bursts with IceCube, presented by Michael RICHMAN
[0296] - Search for neutrino emission of gamma-ray flaring blazars with the ANTARES telescope, presented by Paschal COYLE
[0370] - Search for extraterrestrial neutrino-induced cascades using IceCube 79-strings, presented by Mariola LESIAK-BZDAK
[0409] - Ultra-high energy neutrino alert system for GRB and transient astronomical sources, presented by Shigeru YOSHIDA
[0426] - Search for Relativistic Magnetic Monopoles with the IceCube Neutrino Telescope, presented by Jonas POSSELT
[0446] - Detection of galactic core collapse supernovae with IceCube, presented by Goesta KROLL
[0450] - Measurement of neutrino oscillations with the full IceCube detector, presented by Juan-Pablo YANEZ
[0958] - Neutrino and Antineutrino Oscillation Parameters Measured by the MINOS Atmospheric and Beam Data, presented by Michelle MESQUITA DE MEDEIROS

12.2 Neutrino Astronomy – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0373] - IceTop as a veto in astrophysical neutrino searches for IceCube, presented by Jan AUFFENBERG
[0494] - Cascade Reconstruction at the Glashow Resonance in IceCube, presented by Joanna KIRYLUK
[0580] - Apparent optical anisotropy of the South Pole ice, presented by Dmitry CHIRKIN
[0643] - Detection of Tau Neutrinos in IceCube with Double Pulses, presented by Dawn WILLIAMS
[0857] - A Single Photon Sensor employing Wavelength-shifting and Light-guiding Technology, presented by Markus VOGE
[0162] - Trigger and data filtering approaches in the Askaryan Radio Array, presented by Thomas MEURES
[0212] - D-SEA: A Data Mining Approach to Unfolding, presented by Tim RUHE
[0223] - The Prospects of Radio Detection of UHECRv on the Moon Surface, presented by Amin AMINAEI
[0232] - A radio detector for UHE cosmic neutrinos, presented by Alina BADESCU
[0374] - IceVeto: An Extension of IceTop to Veto Horizontal Air Showers, presented by Jan AUFFENBERG
[1030] - Ashra NTA: Towards Survey of Astronomical Tau Neutrino Sources, presented by George W.S. HOU
[1161] - Simulation of Ultrahigh Energy Neutrino Radio Signals in the ARA Experiment, presented by Eugene HONG
[1163] - KM3NeT: in situ prototyping campaign of the detection units, presented by Sylvain HENRY
[1222] - KM3NeT: A second-generation neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea, presented by Marco CIRCELLA
[1223] - The Digital Optical Module -DOM- of the KM3NeT detector, presented by Marco CIRCELLA
[1230] - ARA TestBed background data analysis and neutrino sensitivity limit study, presented by Carl PFENDNER
[1239] - Trigger and readout system for the Ashra detector, presented by Satoru OGAWA
[0097] - Bayesian Approach for a Neutrino Point Source Analysis, presented by Lionel BRAYEUR
[0421] - Energy reconstruction in neutrino telescopes, presented by Fabian SCHÜSSLER
[0444] - An improved data acquisition system for supernova detection with IceCube, presented by Volker BAUM
[0581] - Event reconstruction in IceCube based on direct event re-simulation, presented by Dmitry CHIRKIN
[0582] - Likelihood description for comparing data to simulation of limited statistics, presented by Dmitry CHIRKIN
[0615] - Measurement of Velocity of Light in Deep Seawater at the Site of the ANTARES detector, presented by Juan-Jose HERNANDEZ-REY
[0807] - Robust Statistics in IceCube Initial Muon Reconstruction, presented by Mark WELLONS

12.3 Neutrino Astronomy – Theory, model and simulations


[0460] - The Future of Neutrino Oscillations with IceCube/DeepCore, presented by Anna BERNHARD
[0467] - High-energy neutrino production from photo-hadronic interactions of gamma rays from Active Galactic Nuclei at source, presented by Juan Carlos ARTEAGA-VELÁZQUEZ
[0533] - A study on JEM-EUSO’s trigger probability for neutrino-initiated EAS, presented by Alberto SUPANITSKY
[0542] - Simulation of cascades caused by UHE and EHE neutrinos in dense media, presented by Igor ZHELEZNYKH
[0846] - Effects of Beyond Standard Model Physics on GRB Neutrinos, presented by Reetanjali MOHARANA
[0859] - The range fluctuation of high energy muon and the Cherenkov light yields thereby, from 1015 eV to 1018 eV, of high energy muons, based on Time Sequential Procedure, presented by Yoshihide OKUMURA
[0864] - A Critical Examination on L/E analysis in the underground detectors with a Compute Numerical Experiment, focused on the Quasi Elastic Scattering Events among Fully Contained Events, presented by Eiichi KONISHI
[1052] - A model for the effects of small-scale surface roughness on lunar pulse detection, presented by Clancy JAMES
[0115] - Gamma-rays and neutrinos produced around massive binary systems by nuclei accelerated within the binaries, presented by Wlodek BEDNAREK
[0164] - The neutrino mass hierarchy in KM3NeT-phase1 – ORCA, a feasibility study, presented by Paul KOOIJMAN
[1155] - The complementarity of cosmic rays and neutrinos in constraining astrophysics in the ultra-high energy regime, presented by Amy CONNOLLY
[0040] - High-energy fluxes of atmospheric neutrinos, presented by Sergei SINEGOVSKY
[0990] - Calculation of atmospheric neutrino flux with NRLMSISE-00, presented by Morihiro HONDA

Chapter 13
Solar and Heliospheric Physics

13.1 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Experimental Results


[0005] - Solar cycle 24 galactic cosmic ray modulation, presented by Harjit AHLUWALIA
[0032] - Realization of the global survey method in real-time, presented by Sergey STARODUBTSEV
[0037] - Magnetic Cloud Properties, Geoeffectiveness And Cosmic Ray Decreases In The Rising Phase Of Solar Cycle 24 (2009-2011), presented by Ezequiel ECHER
[0046] - Solar Cosmic Ray Flux Variation Estimated from the Raw Solar Images Taken by SOHO/EIT, presented by Suyeon OH
[0072] - Spectrum of galactic and jovian electrons, presented by Patrick KÜHL
[0183] - The spatial density gradient of galactic cosmic rays and its solar cycle variation observed with the Global Muon Detector Network, presented by Masayoshi KOZAI
[0185] - The Solar X-ray Monitor board on Chang’E2 Satellite and Some of Its Observation Results, presented by Huanyu WANG
[0191] - Following solar activity with CaLMa, presented by Juan Jose BLANCO
[0197] - Quiet-time low-energy ion fluxes in the 23rd and 24th solar cycles at 1 AU, presented by Karoly KECSKEMETY
[0263] - Sidereal-diurnal galactic cosmic ray variation originating in the solar system, presented by Sardaana GERASIMOVA
[0265] - Experimental evidence of close relationship between the IMF and the temperature, density and velocity of the solar wind, presented by Nikolai SVIRZHEVSKY
[0268] - Space radiation characteristics abnormal outburst fixed by the Roscosmos space radiation monitoring system, presented by Grigory PROTOPOPOV
[0274] - Temporal and energy behavior of cosmic ray fluxes in the periods of low solar activity, presented by Galina BAZILEVSKAYA
[0385] - Analysis and meteorological effects study of the cosmic ray intensity images generated by the Global Muon Detector Network, presented by Rafael MENDONÇA
[0386] - The ICME ejected at 2010 April 3 observed by the STEREO coronagraphs and by the Global Muon Detector Network, presented by Carlos Roberto BRAGA
[0500] - An estimate of the rigidity spectrum of the high-energy particles present in the impulsive phase of GLE 54, presented by Bernardo VARGAS-CÁRDENAS
[0505] - Observation of thundercloud-related charged particles in Tibet, presented by Kinya HIBINO
[0567] - Short period changes in rigidity spectrum during the sporadic and recurrent changes of GCR intensity, presented by Michael ALANIA
[0584] - The features of the rigidity spectrum of the long-period variations of the galactic cosmic ray intensity in descending and ascending epoch of solar activity (2002-2012), presented by Marek SILUSZYK
[0611] - A statistical analysis of wide-spread SEP events observed with STEREO and close to Earth spacecraft, presented by Nina DRESING
[0618] - Research of energy spectrum of cosmic rays fluxes during solar activity disturbance, presented by Turlan SADYKOV
[0637] - A New Evaluation of the Neutron Emission from the Solar Flare of September 7, 2005, detected by the Solar Neutron Telescope at Sierra Negra, presented by Luis Xavier GONZÁLEZ
[0069] - Solar Variability recorded in the Tree Rings, presented by Yasushi MURAKI
[0317] - On the GCR intensity and the inversion of the heliospheric magnetic field during the high solar activity periods, presented by Mikhail KRAINEV
[0487] - Cosmic ray diurnal anisotropy and modulation parameters: 1965-2011, presented by Harjit S. AHLUWALIA
[0656] - Swinson Flow and the Tilt Angle of the Neutral Current Sheet, presented by Hiroshi KOJIMA
[0798] - Large Forbush decreases in May and September 2005, presented by Harjit AHLUWALIA
[0816] - Observation of the March 2012 Forbush decrease with the engineering array of the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory, presented by Luis VILLASEŃOR
[0835] - The connection between high-speed streams from coronal holes and cosmic ray intensity, presented by Olga KRYAKUNOVA
[0843] - Annual and Semi Annual Variations of the Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity and Seasonal Distribution of the Cloudless Days and Cloudless Nights in Abastumani (41.75oN, 42.82oE; Georgia): (1) experimental study and (2) theoretical modeling, presented by Michael ALANIA
[0882] - High-energy charged particle flux dynamics in the near-Earth space caused by solar-magnetospheric and geophysical phenomena, presented by Sergey KOLDASHOV
[0895] - Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (ISIS) on Solar Probe Plus, presented by Mihir DESAI
[0909] - On cosmic ray decreases, geomagnetic storms and CFMEs, presented by Blahoslav PASTIRCAK
[0911] - Cosmic ray and cloudiness: do the local connections exist?, presented by Blahoslav PASTIRCAK
[1021] - Solar modulation of proton flux (45-110 MeV) in the heliosphere with the ARINA experiment, presented by Sergey ALEXANDRIN
[1027] - Ground Level Enhancement-like events Observed by the LRO/CRaTER, presented by Jongdae SOHN
[1039] - Study on 2012 March 7 Solar Particle Event and Forbush decrease with the PAMELA experiment, presented by Marco RICCI
[1088] - Short-term Variations in Cosmic Ray Proton and Helium Fluxes from BESS-Polar I, presented by Neeharika THAKUR
[1121] - The first GLE in the solar cycle 24 (May 17, 2012) detected by the Tupi muon telescopes, presented by Carlos NAVIA
[1176] - Diffusion coefficient and radial gradient of galactic cosmic rays, presented by Renata MODZELEWSKA
[1188] - Inferred Ionic Charge States for Solar Energetic Particle Events with ACE and STEREO, presented by Allan LABRADOR
[0654] - Rigidity Dependence of Forbush Decreases, presented by Katsuya YAMAZAKI

13.2 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Methods, techniques and instrumentation


[0023] - Common features of GLEs in 19-24 solar cycles, presented by Yury BALABIN
[0140] - Performance of the full-scale SciCRT as a component muon detector of the Global Muon Detector Network (GMDN), presented by Kazuoki MUNAKATA
[0170] - Cosmic ray muon Forbush decrease caused by magnetic clouds from 2009 to 2011, presented by Marlos ROCKENBACH
[0369] - Extension of measurement capabilities of the Electron Proton Helium INstrument aboard SOHO, presented by Christoph TERASA
[0400] - Properties of a new cosmic-ray detector (SciCRT) installed at Mt. Sierra Negra, Mexico, presented by Yuya NAGAI
[0401] - The method of calculation of the short-time cosmic ray intensity dynamics at vicinity and into interior region of a large-scale solar wind disturbance, presented by Ivan PETUKHOV
[0412] - Cosmic Ray Detectors for Variation Studies and Outreach Programs in Saudi Arabia, presented by Abdullrahman MAGHRABI
[0483] - Effects of the heliospheric current sheet on the cosmic ray modulation, presented by Monica LAURENZA
[0062] - The role of SEP pitch angle distribution in affecting the performance of space detectors, presented by Monica LAURENZA
[0663] - A Proposal of a Multi Directional Neutron Telescope for Observations of Galactic Cosmic Rays, presented by Hiroshi KOJIMA
[0761] - SEPServer solar energetic particle event catalogue in and out of the ecliptic; a Ulysses COSPIN/KET, COSPIN/LET and HISCALE particle data driven study, presented by Karl-Ludwig KLEIN
[0889] - Numerical Studies of Neutrino Radiation in Solar Flares, presented by Ryuji TAKEISHI
[0972] - Efficient Generation of Trial Trajectories for Use in the Monte Carlo Simulation of Energetic Particle Telescopes, presented by Mark WIEDENBECK
[1058] - The Campinas-Niteroi twin muon telescopes for solar activity and climate change studies, presented by Anderson C. FAUTH
[1062] - Mini Neutron Monitors, presented by Helena KRüGER
[1194] - Upgrade of the Brazilian Southern Space Observatory Multidirectional Muon Detector, presented by Alisson DAL LAGO
[1228] - Detection of a Forbush decrease by using a small cylindrical water Cherenkov detector, presented by Luis VILLASEŃOR

13.3 Solar and Heliospheric Physics – Theory, model and simulations


[0155] - The wavy heliospheric current sheet: Insights from a stochastic transport model, presented by Roelf STRAUSS
[0157] - Cosmic Ray Modulation At The Solar Activity Minimum And Ascending Phase In The 24Th Cycle, presented by Raisa GUSHCHINA
[0249] - Modulation of cosmic rays at different cut off rigidity, presented by Rekha AGARWAL
[0276] - The modulation of galactic electrons during the recent unusual solar minimum, presented by Etienne VOS
[0297] - On the description of the GCR intensity in the last three solar minima, presented by Mikhail KALININ
[0399] - The kinetic method of calculation of the cosmic ray intensity anisotropy dynamics at the vicinity of a interplanetary shock, presented by Ivan PETUKHOV
[0477] - On the 27-day Variations of Cosmic Ray Intensity in Recent Solar Minimum 23/24. Experimental data analysis and theoretical model, presented by Renata MODZELEWSKA
[0479] - Theoretical study of the 27-day variation of the galactic cosmic rays intensity in the connection with solar wind parameters in different epochs of solar activity, presented by Agnieszka GIL
[0534] - Was the C14 elevation in 775 CE caused by a Superflare?, presented by David EICHLER
[0616] - Spatio-temporal distribution peculiarities of cosmic ray injection area on the Sun, presented by Pavel SHATOV
[0266] - Long-term variations of cosmic ray intensity: theory and experiment, presented by Sardaana GERASIMOVA
[0681] - Cutoff rigidities for different shapes of the Mercury magnetosphere, presented by Monica LAURENZA
[0908] - Modulation of MeV electrons by Corotating Interaction Regions - a modelling approach, presented by Adrian VOGT
[0939] - Fragmentation of the high-energy superheavy (Zż70) nuclei in iron-silicate meteorite medium: theoretical estimation of the fragment nuclei superposition with the primary galactic cosmic ray nucleus abundance, presented by Alexander BAGULYA
[0967] - StellarICs: Stellar and solar Inverse Compton emission package, presented by Elena ORLANDO
[1104] - Suprathermal particle addition to solar wind pressure: possible influence on magnetospheric transmissivity of low energy cosmic rays, presented by Stefano DELLA TORRE
[1225] - Simultaneously Observational Determinations for both the Parallel and Perpendicular Mean Free Paths of Solar Energetic Particles, presented by Hongqing HE
[1229] - Effects of a Time-dependent Solar Wind Speed on Transport of Solar Energetic Particles in Three-dimensional Interplanetary Magnetic Fields: The SEP Dropouts Revisited, presented by Hongqing HE
[0078] - Shock acceleration of solar energetic particles, presented by Evgeny BEREZHKO

Part IV
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SEKIYA, Hiroyuki: [0048]
SEO, Eun-Suk: [0629],[0630]
SETTIMO, Mariangela: [0918]
SHAOHUI, Feng: [0999]
SHARAKIN, Sergey: [0721]
SHATOV, Pavel: [0616]
SHIBATA, Tatsunobu: [0507]
SHIBUYA, Edison: [0363]
SHIN, Bokkyun: [0952]
SHINOZAKI, Kenji: [1250]
SHIOMI, Atsushi: [0498]
SIDELNIK, Ivan: [0739]
SILUSZYK, Marek: [0584]
SILVA, Angel: [0539]
SIMON, Manfred: [0233]
SINEGOVSKAYA, Tatiana: [0137]
SINEGOVSKY, Sergei: [0040]
SITAREK, Julian: [0074],[0076],[0687],[0945]
SMIDA, Radomir: [0927],[1112]
SMITH, Andrew: [0805]
SMITH, Nigel: [1290]
SOARES, Hendrik: [0571]
SOBCZYNSKA, Dorota: [0334],[0335]
SOHN, Jongdae: [1027]
SOUZA, Vitor: [0751]
SPARKS, Kathryne: [0783]
STARODUBTSEV, Sergey: [0032],[0247]
STASIELAK, Jaroslaw: [0091],[0473]
STAWARZ, Lukasz: [0262],[0914],[1311]
STEFANIK, Stanislav: [0120]
STEGMANN, Christian: [1131]
STENKIN, Yuri: [0478],[0482],[0568],[0606]
STOKES, Benjamin: [0353]
STONE, Edward: [0226]
STOZHKOV, Yuri: [0071],[0094]
STRAUSS, Roelf: [0154],[0155],[0156]
STRAZZERI, Elisabetta: [0625]
STROMAN, Thomas: [0476]
STRUMINSKY, Alexei: [0192]
SUAREZ, Federico: [0712]
SUN, Wei: [0940]
SUOMIJARVI, Tiina: [0854]
SUPANITSKY, Alberto: [0461],[0462],[0463],[0533]
SURDO, Antonio: [0781]
SUSHCH, Iurii: [0759]
SVANIDZE, Manana: [0036]
SVERTILOV, Sergej: [0338]
SVESHNIKOVA, Lyubov: [0304]
SVIRZHEVSKY, Nikolai: [0265]
SZADKOWSKI, Zbigniew: [0050],[0051],[0910]
TAILLET, Richard: [0323],[0324]
TAKAHASHI, Satoru: [0228],[0229]
TAKEISHI, Ryuji: [0889]
TAKITA, Masato: [0508]
TAKIZAWA, Yoshiyuki: [0832]
TAMADA, Masanobu: [0043]
TAMEDA, Yuichiro: [0512]
TAMURA, Tadahisa: [0986]
TANAKA, Shuta: [1067]
TAPIA, Alex: [0251]
TATISCHEFF, Vincent: [0002]
TÉLLEZ, Arturo: [0458]
TELEZHINSKY, Igor: [0288],[0655]
TERAKI, Yuto: [0086]
TERASA, Christoph: [0369]
TERRATS, Daniel: [0465]
THAKUR, Neeharika: [1088]
THOMSON, Gordon: [0118]
THOUDAM, Satyendra: [1022]
TIBALDO, Luigi: [0642],[1299]
TIFFENBERG, Javier: [1243]
TIMOFEEV, Lev: [0173]
TING, Samuel: [1259]
TINYAKOV, Peter: [0935],[1033]
TKACHEV, Leonid: [0348],[0518]
TOKUNO, Hisao: [0133],[0134]
TOMA, Gabriel: [0517]
TOMASSETTI, Nicola: [0896]
TONACHINI, Aurelio: [0676]
TOPCHIEV, Nikolay: [0264]
TORII, Shoji: [0245]
TORRE, Stefano: [1100],[1104],[1114]
TORRES, Ibrahim: [0824]
TORU, Shibata: [0145]
TOSCANO, Simona: [0530]
TOSTI, Gino: [0922]
TRICHARD, Cyril: [0756]
TROITSKY, Sergey: [0536]
TROVATO, Agata: [0165]
TSUJIMOTO, Shimpei: [0354]
TSUNESADA, Yoshiki: [0132],[1014],[1308]
TUEROS, Matias: [0705]
TYLER, Jonathan: [0931]
UDO, Shigeharu: [0142]
UEYAMA, Yoshitaka: [0647]
UNGER, Michael: [0690],[0806]
VALIŃO, Inés: [0635]
VALORE, Laura: [0920]
VARGAS-CÁRDENAS, Bernardo: [0499],[0500]
VASSILIEV, Vladimir: [0961]
VEBERIC, Darko: [0633]
VECCHI, Manuela: [0653]
VEGA, Gonzalo: [0960]
VERNETTO, Silvia: [0753],[0758]
VERZI, Valerio: [0928]
VIANA, Aion: [0901]
VICHA, Jakub: [1068]
VIDELA, Mariela: [1102]
VIGORITO, Carlo: [0427],[0453]
VILLASEŃOR, Luis: [0816],[1228]
VLADIMIR, Lemus: [0188]
VLCEK, Brian: [0638]
VOGE, Markus: [0852],[0857]
VOGT, Adrian: [0908]
VORSTER, Michael: [0211],[0215],[1117]
VOS, Etienne: [0273],[0276]
VRIES, Krijn: [0442]
WALLRAFF, Marius: [0455]
WANG, Huanyu: [0185]
WANG, Xin: [0718]
WARD, John: [0869]
WEIDINGER, Matthias: [0087]
WEILER, Thomas: [0631],[0632]
WEINER, Neal: [1303]
WEISGARBER, Thomas: [0790]
WELLONS, Mark: [0807]
WERNER, Michael: [0375]
WIEBUSCH, Christopher: [0848]
WIEDENBECK, Mark: [0971],[0972]
WIENCKE, Lawrence: [0818]
WILLIAMS, Dawn: [0643]
WINCHEN, Tobias: [1063]
WISCHNEWSKI, Ralf: [0657],[1146],[1158],[1164]
WOLF, Martin: [0330]
WU, Jian: [0868]
YAMAGUCHI, Masaki: [0408]
YAMAMOTO, Tokonatsu: [1003]
YAMAOKA, Kazutaka: [1007]
YAMASHITA, Masaki: [0131]
YAMAZAKI, Katsuya: [0524],[0526],[0654],[0821]
YAN, Qi: [1097]
YANEZ, Juan-Pablo: [0450]
YANG, Rui: [0813]
YANGISAWA, Kazuki: [0732]
YASHIN, Igor: [0723],[0724],[0728]
YOSHIDA, Kenji: [0733],[0735]
YOSHIDA, Shigeru: [0409]
YOSHIMURA, Koji: [0932]
YOUNK, Patrick: [0814],[1169]
YUAN, Qiang: [0259],[0260]
ZACHARIAS, Michael: [0049]
ZAHARIJAS, Gabrijela: [0707]
ZANDANEL, Fabio: [0150]
ZANIN, Roberta: [0773]
ZECH, Andreas: [0060],[0061]
ZENG, Y.: [0757]
ZHA, Min: [0403],[0404],[0603],[0820]
ZHANG, Yi: [0190]
ZHANG, Yunlong: [0749]
ZHELEZNYKH, Igor: [0542]
ZHEN, Cao: [1292]
ZHU, Fengrong: [0589],[1255]
ZITZER, Ben: [1145],[1147]
ZUCCON, Paolo: [1064]


Part V
Committees and Participants

International Advisory Committee


Evgeny Berezhko Jörg Hörandel Eun-Suk Seo
Daniel Bertrand Hongbo Hu Ronald Shellard
R. Andriaan Burger Karl-Heinz Kampert (Secr.)Steven W. Barwick (Assoc.)
Erwin Flückiger (Co-Chair)Johannes Knapp (Chair) Gianfranco Bertone (Assoc.)
M. Victoria Fonseca Masaki Mori Ad M. van den Berg (Assoc)
Sunil Gupta Michal Ostrowski

Scientific Program Committee


Alessandro de AngelisDan Hooper Angela Olinto
Galina Bazilevskaya Per Olof Hulth Mario Pimenta
Laura Baudis Jack Randy Jokipii Paolo Privitera
Nick van Eijndhoven Uli Katz Vladimir Ptuskin
Carlos Escobar Hans Kraus Olaf Reimer
Alberto Etchegoyen Paolo Lipari Gustavo Romero
Masaki Fukushima Cristina Mandrini David Saltzberg
Diego Harari Harm Moraal Subir Sarkar
Bernd Heber Dietrich Müller Tim Tait
Jamie Holder Mathieu de Naurois

Local Organizing Committee


Ulisses de Almeida José A. Chinellato Marcelo Leigui
Rogério de Almeida Joaquim Costa Carlos Peixoto
Alexandre H. Andrei Elisabete de Gouveia Dal PinoEdivaldo Moura Santos
Joăo dos Anjos Carola Dobrigkeit Ronald Shellard
Sergio Barroso Philippe Gouffon Edison Shibuya
Thaisa Storchi-BergmannJoăo Torres de Mello Neto Eduardo do Couto e Silva
Carla Bonifazi Célio Moura Vitor de Souza
Joăo Braga Carlos Navia Adriana Valio

List of Participants


ABREU, Ana Virgínia P. GUPTA, Sunil PETUKHOV, Ivan
ABUNIN, Artem GUZIK, T. Gregory PFENDNER, Carl
AGUILAR SÁNCHEZ, Juan A. HÄFFNER, Stephanie PICOZZA, Piergiorgio
AHN, Eun-Joo HAIDUC, Maria PIERONI, Pablo
AKAIKE, Yosui HAINO, Sadakazu PIMENTA, Mário
AKBAR, Muhammad HAJ ISMAIL, Abd al karim PINAT, Elisa
ALEEM, Fazale HANLON, William PODZOLKO, Mikhail
ALGHAMDI, Abdulrahman HAUNGS, Andreas PRADIER, Thierry
ALLEKOTTE, Ingo HE, Haoning PROSIN, Vasily
ALLEN, Jeffrey HE, Hongqing PROTOPOPOV, Grigory
ALVES BATISTA, Pedro Henrique HERNANDEZ-REY, Juan-Jose VERMA, Pyare lal
ANAHB, Ali Asuabahyey HILDEBRAND, Dorothee R. S. DE MENDONÇA, Rafael
ANDEEN, Karen HOERANDEL, Joerg RANNOT, Ramesh Chand
ANDERSON, Tyler HOFFMAN, Julia RATHORE, Balveer Singh
ANDREI, Alexandre Humberto HOFFMAN, Kara RAUCH, Brian
ANJOS, Joăo HOLDER, Jamie RAWLINS, Katherine
ANJOS, Rita de Cassia HOMOLA, Piotr REBAI, Ahmed
ANTONELLI, Lucio Angelo HONG, Eugene REIMANN, René
AOKI, Takuya HU, Yiming REVENU, Benoit
ARQUEROS, Fernando HUANG, Jing RICCI, Marco
ARRUDA, Luisa HUBER, Daniel RICHHARIA, Mahendra Kumar
ATRI, Dimitra HUI, Chiumun RISSE, Markus
AYALA, Hugo HULTH, Per Olof ROBERTS, Jonathan
BADRUDDIN, Badruddin IDEC, Wojciech RODRIGUES, Bruno
BALLET, Jean ILOLOV, mamadsho ROMERO-WOLF, Andrew
BARNACKA, Anna IMRAN, Asif RONGA, Francesco

BARRILLON, Pierre ISKRA, Krzysztof ROTH, Markus
BARWICK, Steven IVANOV, Anatoly ROVERO, Adrián C.
BAUM, Volker JACOBI, Emanuel RUBTSOV, Grigory
BAUS, Colin JAMES, Clancy RUHE, Tim
BAYER, Joerg JAN, Ebr RUJOIU, Corneliu
BAZO ALBA, Jose JESÚS, Alvarez-Castillo SĂO SABBAS, Fernanda
BEISCHER, Bastian JOKOVIC, Dejan SAGAWA, Hiroyuki
BELFORT, Luciana JONES, Lawrence SAHU, Varsha
BELL, Tony JONES, William Vernon SAIKIA, Julie
BENBOW, Wystan JUI, Charles SAKAI, Kenichi
BEREZHKO, Evgeny KÉGL, Balázs SAKAKI, Naoto
BERGER, Karsten KAJINO, Fumiyoshi SAKO, Takashi
BERGMAN, Douglas KAJITA, Takaaki SAKO, Takashi
BERKOVA, Marina KAMPERT, Karl-Heinz SALESA GREUS, Francisco
BERTOU, Xavier KATAYOSE, yusaku SARMA, Kandarpa Kumar
BIKTEMEROVA, Svetlana KAUSHIK, Subhash Chandra SASAI, Yoshinori
BILAND, Adrian KAUSHIK, Sonia SASAKI, Makoto
BINNS, Walter KAWADE, Kentaro SCHÜSSLER, Fabian
BLAKE, Bernard KAWATA, Kazumasa SCHAEL, Stefan
BLANCO, Juan Jose KHARE, Sarika SCHERER, Klaus
BLASI, Pasquale KHIALI, Behrouz SCHOENWALD, Arne
BLEVE, Carla KICHIGIN, Gennady SCHOO, Sven
BOHACOVA, Martina KIDO, Eiji SCHRöDER, Frank
BONARDI, Antonio KIEDA, David SCHULTE, Stephan
BONCIOLI, Denise KIRYLUK, Joanna SCHULZ, Alexander
BORISOV, Alexander KLEIN, Andrea SCIUTTO, Sergio
BORRACCI, Francesco KLEIN, Spencer SDOBNOV, Valery
BOTTACINI, Eugenio KLEPSER, Stefan SEKIYA, Hiroyuki
BRAGA, Carlos Roberto KLIMOV, Pavel SEO, Eun-Suk
BRANDT, Theresa KNAPP, Johannes SETTIMO, Mariangela

BRAYEUR, Lionel KNURENKO, Stanislav SHATOV, Pavel
BREMM, Tiago KODANI, Kazuhito SHAYDUK, Maxim
BRITTO, Richard KOHARA, Anderson Kendi SHELLARD, Ronald Cintra
BROWN, Anthony KOHNEN, Georges SHIBATA, Tatsunobu
BRUN, Pierre KOJIMA, Hiroshi SHIBATA, Shoichi
BRUNO, Alessandro KOLDOBSKIY, Sergey SHIBUYA, Edison Hiroyuki
BUCIK, Radoslav KOOIJMAN, Paul SHIOMI, Atsushi
BUGAEV, Viatcheslav Bugaev KOUCHNER, Antoine SIGAEVA, Ekaterina
BUGAEV, Edgar KOUVARIS, Christoforos SIGNORETTI, Fabrizio
BULIK, Tomasz KRAINEV, Mikhail SIMON, Manfred
CAFAGNA, Francesco S. KRAYZEL, Fabien SINGH, Ambika
CAMPOS FAUTH, Anderson KROPP JR, William SINITSYNA, Vera Georgievna
CAPONE, Antonio KUBO, Hidetoshi SLEMER, Carolina
CARBONE, Rita KUEHL, Patrick SMIDA, Radomir
CARRIGAN, Svenja KUMAR, Anand SOHN, Jongdae
CARVALHO JR., Washington KUNNEN, Jan SOLDIN, Dennis
CATALANO, camille LAHMANN, Robert Lahmann STOKES, Benjamin
CERRUTI, Matteo LAMANNA, Giovanni STONE, Edward
CHAD, Finley LANG, Rodrigo Guedes STOZHKOV, Yuri
CHARLES, Dermer LARA, Alejandro STRAUSS, Roelf
CHEN, Tian-Lu LAUER, Robert STROMAN, Thomas
CHEN, Chih-Ching LAURENZA, Monica STRUMINSKY, Alexei
CHEN, Andrew LAVAGNO, Andrea STUANI PEREIRA, Luiz Augusto
CHEN, DENG LEE, Shiu-Hang (Herman) SU, Meng
CHEN, Mingjun LEIGUI DE OLIVEIRA, Marcelo AugustoSUÁREZ, Mauricio

CHIRINOS, Johana LESKE, Richard SULANKE, Karl-Heinz
CHOI, Koun LINK, Katrin SUN, Wei
CODINO, Antonio LOMBARDI, Saverio SUSHCH, Iurii
COHEN, Christina LU, Lu SVANIDZE, Manana
COLIN, Pierre LU, Chia-Chun SVESHNIKOVA, Lyubov
CONDE SANCHEZ, Jose Ruben LUO, Yonggang SWAIN, John
COYLE, Paschal MA, Xinhua TAKAHASHI, Nobusuke
CUI, Shuwang MACCARONE, Maria ConcettaTAKAHASHI, Satoru
DA SILVA PINTO, Ana Clara MAGHRABI, Abdullrahman TAKITA, Masato
DAL LAGO, Alisson MALININ, Alexander TAKIZAWA, Yoshiyuki
DANIEL, Michael MANDELARTZ, Matthias TAKYI, Augustine
DANIEL, Bruno MANDRINI, Cristina TAMADA, Masanobu
DE ANGELIS, Alessandro MARROCCHESI, Pier Simone TAPIA CASANOVA, Alex Marcelo
DELIGNY, Olivier MAUREL, Detlef TOKUNO, Hisao

DELLA TORRE, Stefano MAURIZIO, Daniela TOMA, Gabriel
DEV CHOUDHURY, Balendra KumarMAZIN, Daniel TOPCHIEV, Nikolay
DEVI, Gitanjali McENERY, Julie TORII, Shoji
DEY, Rajat K MEDINA, Maria Clementina TORRALBA ELIPE, Guillermo
DI FELICE, Valeria MELO, Diego Gabriel TORU, Shibata
DI MATTEO, Armando MENJO, Hiroaki TRICHARD, Cyril
DI PIERRO, Federico MERTSCH, Philipp TRINCHERO, Gian Carlo
DIAZ, Mary MEURES, Thomas TSUJIMOTO, Shimpei
DIPOLD, Jessica MICHELETTI, María Isabel TSUNESADA, Yoshiki
DOERT, Marlene MIKHAILOV, Alexey TYLER, Jonathan
DORNER, Daniela MIRABEL, Felix UDO, Shigeharu
DRESING, Nina MIRKO, Boezio UEYAMA, Yoshitaka
DUMM, Jonathan MISHEV, Alexander VALINO, Ines
DYKS, Jaroslaw MITRA, Abhas VALORE, Laura
ENGELBRECHT, Nicholas Eugene MOHARANA, Reetanjali VELINOV, Peter
ERGIN, Tülün MONTINI, Paolo VERZI, Valerio
ERLYKIN, Anatoly MORAAL, Harm VICHA, Jakub
EROSHENKO, Evgeniya MORALES REYES, Alma Roberta VIDELA, Mariela
ESCOBAR, Carlos MORETTO, Camille VIGORITO, Carlo Francesco
EVENSON, Paul MOSTAFA, Miguel VOGE, Markus
FARRAR, Glennys MOURA SANTOS , Edivaldo VORSTER, Michael
FAZLALIZADEH, Maedeh MULLER, Dietrich VOS, Etienne
FENG, Changqing MURAKI, Yasushi WALLRAFF, Marius
FERGUSON, Andrew MURPHY, Ryan WANG, Huanyu

FERREIRA, Erasmo NAGAI, Yuya WARD, John Ennis
FIORINO, Daniel NAGANO, Motohiko WEIDINGER, Matthias
FLIS, Samuel NAKAHATA, Masayuki WEILER, Thomas
FONT, Lluís NAVIA, Carlos WENG, Zhili
FRANCKOWIAK, Anna NDIITWANI, Dzivhuluwani Christopher WENZEL, Peter
FUHRMANN, Daniel NELLEN, Lukas WERNER, Michael
FULLER, Nicolas NERONOV, Andrii WIENCKE, Lawrence
GAIOR, Romain NIITA, Tae WINKELMANN, Iver Ronald
GALPER, Arkady NOBLE, Anthony WOLF, Martin
GANG, Xiao NONAKA, Toshiyuki WOLFENDALE, Arnold
GAPONENKO, Alexander NUNES, Mônica WORLEY, Aaron
GARDE, Sunil ODEWUNMI, Adetola Spencer YAMAGUCHI, Masaki
GAST, Henning OGIO, Shoichi YAMAOKA, Kazutaka
GAUG, Markus OH, Suyeon YAMASHITA, Masaki
GERASIMOVA, Sardaana OHISHI, Michiko YAN, Qi
GIACCARI, Ugo OLINTO, Angela V YANEZ, Juan-Pablo
GILLARD, William ONG, Rene YOSHIDA, Kenji
GILLER, Maria OP, Aslam YOSHIDA, Shigeru
GLICENSTEIN, Jean-François ORR, Matthew YOU, Xiao Hao
GOLUP, Geraldina ORTIZ, Ernesto YOUNK, Patrick
GONZáLEZ, Luis Xavier OSTERIA, Giuseppe YUTO, Teraki
GOODMAN, Jordan PAIANO, Simona ZAHARIJAS, Gabrijela
GORA, Dariusz PANCI, Paolo ZANIN, Roberta
GORBUNOV, Sergey PANDEY, Pramod ZECH, Andreas

GORODETZKY, PhilippePANOV, Alexander ZHA, Min
GRASSO, Dario PARESCHI, Giovanni ZHANG, Yunlong
GRELLMANN, Rebekka PARIZOT, Etienne ZHAO, Jing
GRIEDER, Peter PARK, Nahee ZHOU, Hao
GRIFFIN, Sean PASTIRCAK, BlahoslavZHU, Fengrong
GUIRIEC, Sylvain PEREZ, Kerstin
GUO, Jian hua PETROV, Igor