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General purpose routines:

Please, let us know if we missed other resources of general interest for Astrophysical Community

High Energy Astrophysics Programs

  • ascl.net - Astrophysics Source Code Library
  • astro-sim.org - an open community for users and developers of astrophysical simulation codes
  • DarkSUSY - a fortran package for supersymmetric dark matter calculations
  • SuperBayeS - Supersymmetry Parameters Extraction Routines for Bayesian Statistics
  • CRT, a program for tracking ultra-high energy cosmic-rays through magnetic fields while ignoring losses. See also the description.
  • DRAGON, a CR propagation library built following GALPROP v50p, and aiming at performance and efficient memory management, with position dependent diffusion model.
  • Piernik, an MHD code based on the Relaxing TVD scheme.
  • Andrew W. Strong's tools and data

GALPROP-related routines and packages

  • The analytical solution of the transport equation for electrons, energy losses ~E2, used to test GALPROP. See Bulanov & Dogiel (1974, eq.[8]) for details; a factor of 1/[2pi] in their solution is missing -perhaps an error
  • A small Python program Plot Galprop used by WebRun function Quick Plots provides limited capabilities to read the FITS files produced by GALPROP and output data as text tables. May be used as a reference or modified to serve your specific needs. Requires a Python library pyfits.
  • CPLOT, an older C++ based tool to analyze the FITS files produced by GALPROP (only nuclei) and make plots.
  • The Aladin Sky Atlas may be used for visualizing GALPROP-generated Healpix gamma-ray skymaps.
    Note: GALPROP output has pixels which are vectors (spectra), which Aladin cannot handle. One may use fv to make a new column containing an interpolation or integral over energies of interest. In Aladin, pick out this column using the Edit/Properties menu.
  • Fv: The Interactive FITS File Editor may be used for visualizing and manipulating GALPROP output
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