WebRun: use GALPROP via your web browser

A new feature of this Project, the WebRun service, allows you to:

  • Configure and run GALPROP calculations on a dedicated high perfomance computing cluster at Stanford University using only your web browser (i.e., you do not need to download, install and run the code on your computer);
  • Download the results of your calculations (abundances and spectra of CR particles and/or skymaps of diffuse Galactic emission in FITS format) from this web site;
  • Keep the access to your results restricted to you, or, if you choose so, make your results available to the community or collaborators by sharing a URL.

This service is free and only available to registered users. If you wish to use it, please register, or just login if you already have an account at the GALPROP forum.

The WebRun interface should work well in most modern browsers. If you find a problem with the interface on your system, please submit a bug report.

Browser requirements checklist:

no javascript JavaScript is DISABLED. Please enable JavaScript to use WebRun.

More about WebRun

More information about GALPROP WebRun can be found in this paper (published journal version here).

Click the screenshots below to preview the WebRun interface and functions:

Configuring a Calculation

configuring calculations

Submitted Jobs in a Queue

jobs in queue

Downloading Calculation Results

result download

Online Viewer

online viewer