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The GALPROP code is public for earlier and current versions. Latest public GALPROP version is 56.0.2870 (released 10/27/2017).
We provide two methods for using or obtaining the code:

  1. For those users wanting to simply use the code without modification, we encourage you to use a free service allowing the code to be run directly via a web browser: GALPROP WebRun. This service allows a user to run the code on a cluster hosted at Stanford University.
    Running via the browser interface allows the input parameter values to have sanity checks applied via rules written by the GALPROP team, thus minimizing the risk of misconfigured GALPROP runs. The current GALPROP WebRun version corresponds to the latest subversion tagged stable release of the GALPROP code. In addition, we will provide earlier stable releases of GALPROP via WebRun so that users can cross-check results across different versions. This new service eliminates the need for users to install the GALPROP code locally and enables the generation of runs relatively painlessly (there is even a facility to output graphs for some of the model results).
  2. However, in some cases it is desirable to have access to the source code and data sets with a local installation. Users pursuing this route must register at the GALPROP Forum. In addition, if results obtained with modified GALPROP code have been published, the user must agree to provide code modifications to the development team. These may be incorporated into subsequent versions of the code for the use of the scientific community. Registered users can download the code from this page.

The table below summarizes practical differences between these two approaches:

Using GALPROP WebRun (RECOMMENDED) Downloading the Source Code
check Nothing to download or install on the user's computer. The user must download the code, install dependencies, configure and compile the code locally.
check Runs are configured in an interactive web form. WebRun checks run parameters for inconsistencies and applicability limits. The user configures the runs by modifying a Galdef file in a text editor. No checks of parameter validity in this case.
check The code runs on a designated 500-core computing cluster at Stanford University. Each calculation runs in parallel on 12 CPU cores. The code runs on the user's hardware.
check Results of calculations can be downloaded from the GALPROP web site. Links to archives with results and configuration files can be shared between collaborators. Results are generated locally on the user's computer.
check Plots of CR spectra, isotopic ratios and all-sky gamma ray emission can be generated and viewed online, even without downloading results. No embedded plotting routines in the code. Users must develop their own software to extract, analyze and plot the data from the FITS files produced by the code.
check Batch runs are easy: users can upload an archive with up to 1000 Galdef files, and WebRun puts them into the calculation queue. Users need to set up their own resource and queue manager.
The code used in WebRun is pre-compiled and cannot be modified. check Code modification is possible.
check Support via the GALPROP Forum and Bugzilla for GALPROP The same, except that sometimes may not be able to help with your local installation.
check Free. check Free.

GALPROP Terms of Use

GALPROP development is supported through NASA grants and by the Max Planck Society. The GALPROP web site and web services are supported through NASA grants and are free to use by the scientific community.

Please acknowledge the use of the GALPROP code by quoting the web site and citing all GALPROP publications relevant to your results.

In addition, if the WebRun service was used, cite the web page and this paper.

If you have modified the code or data files downloaded from this web site and published your results, please provide your modifications back to the development team. Your modifications may be incorporated into the public version of GALPROP for the benefit of the scientific community.

The redistribution of the GALPROP source code or its datasets, modified or not, through sites other than the original site without an explicit permission from the GALPROP team is not allowed.
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