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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is GALPROP?

    A: GALPROP is a code that solves the cosmic ray propagation equation with user-defined parameters, and calculates diffuse galactic emission produced by cosmic rays. See section Theory for more details. Algorithms, data and physical models used in GALPROP are also discussed in our publications and the GALPROP Manual.

  • Q: How can I use GALPROP?

    A: Via a free service available on this web site, GALPROP WebRun. After a simple registration procedure, you will gain access to a web page that allows you to set up the parameters of a cosmic ray propagation model and run a GALPROP calculation on a computing cluster at Stanford University with a click of a button.

  • Q: Can I get the source code?

    A: Yes. To obtain the source code, register at the GALPROP web site and navigate to the code download page.

  • Q: Why use the WebRun service instead of downloading the code?

    A: Using the web-based service is the easier and more reliable way to use GALPROP. To use GALPROP via WebRun, you do not have to install the code and all the libraries it depends on locally on your computer. The configuration you create in WebRun will be automatically checked for sanity using rules written by the GALPROP team. By using WebRun, you will also have our high performance computing cluster at your disposal, and you will be able to easily share and publish your results.

  • Q: What is new in GALPROP version 56?

    A: Compared to version 54 there have been numerous improvements, including significant speed improvements that now enable full 3D calculations in just a bit more time than the older 2D calculations. There are new 3D ISM (gas, ISRF, GMF) models, and many features including specifying an arbitrary viewing location for interstellar emission calculations (GALPROP v56 can be used for modelling cosmic rays and interstellar emissions from externally viewed galaxies). See the Appendix in Porter et al. ApJ 846, 67 (2017) for additional information.

  • Q: What is new in GALPROP version 54?

    A: It uses the most recent data on gas distribution and interstellar radiation field, many bugs have been fixed, and a number of numerical procedures improved. It is also much faster thanks to using parallel processing.

  • Q: How can I use GALPROP results in my publications?

    A: See our Terms of Use.

  • Q: How can I improve GALPROP, request a feature or report a bug?

    A: Use Bugzilla to report bugs and the Forum to discuss GALPROP or request features. If you want to propose integrating your physical model with GALPROP, please contact us.

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