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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2023 3:52 pm 

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Hello everyone!

I am currently trying to run a GDE model using the latest version of GALPROP i.e. v57. You can find the galdef file attached to this post. When the parameter bremms is set to 1, then the GALPROP code returns the following segmentation fault error in the output file:

/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_skymap: Entry
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_skymap: Exit
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_skymap: Time elapsed:   1.47s (Real);    1.73s (Process);  0.168s (System)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_H2R_skymap: Entry
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_H2R_skymap: Exit
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_H2R_skymap: Time elapsed:   28.2s (Real);    24.6s (Process);   3.52s (System)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_HIR_skymap: Entry
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_HIR_skymap: Exit
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_HIR_skymap: Time elapsed:   27.7s (Real);    24.5s (Process);   3.21s (System)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_HII_skymap: Entry
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_HII_skymap: Exit
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ store_pi0_decay_HII_skymap: Time elapsed:   28.4s (Real);    25.1s (Process);   3.34s (System)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ gen_skymaps: Starting bremss integration
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 0 (0%)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 28 (1%)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 42 (2%)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 56 (3%)
/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/source/ gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 14 (0%)
/var/spool/slurm/d/job349586/slurm_script: line 17: 22379 Segmentation fault      LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/lib/build/Minuit2/lib:/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/lib/build/galtoolslib-1.1.1006/lib:/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/lib/build/boost_1_76_0/lib:/cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/lib/build/CLHEP-$LD_LIBRARY_PATH /cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/GALPROP-57.0.3032/bin/galprop -f /cfs/home/asab1238/GALPROP_v57/galprop_v57_release_r1/FITS -g . -o . -r modelA_v4

But when I turn off the bremms production (i.e. bremms = 0), the simulation runs without any error (as you can see here)

gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 1358 (94%)
gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 1372 (95%)
gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 1386 (96%)
gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 1400 (97%)
gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 1414 (98%)
gen_skymaps: Beginning longitude row 1428 (99%)
store_IC_skymap_comp: Entry
store_IC_skymap_comp: Exit
store_IC_skymap_comp: Time elapsed:  1m:   4.9s (Real);   1m:  1.77s (Process);   3.34s (System)
store_IC_skymap: Entry
store_IC_skymap: Exit
store_IC_skymap: Time elapsed:   3.52s (Real);    3.45s (Process);   0.07s (System)
gen_skymaps: Exit
gen_skymaps: Time elapsed:  3m:  16.2s (Real);  1h:34m:  39.8s (Process);   14.1s (System)
Run: Completed processing galdef_57_modelA_v4
Run: Exit: Galprop main procedure
OriginalExecutionPath: Exit

I am running the code in a HPC facility, where I have set the
mem-per-cpu = 8 GBs
(so there's a very little chance of any memory allocation issue). Everything is perfectly installed. Can someone please help me out in solving this error? By seeing the output it seems something is wrong at line no 970 of the file- But I am not sure how to deal with it.

galdef_57_modelA.txt [17.67 KiB]
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2023 5:01 pm 

Joined: Thu Jul 06, 2023 6:10 am
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Okay for some reason
skymap_format = 0 (fits format)
doesn't works in v57 properly. It works with v57 by setting skymap_format to other formats.

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