inverse Compton origin of hard X-rays
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Author:  strong [ Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:48 pm ]
Post subject:  inverse Compton origin of hard X-rays

Porter et al. 2008

show that the 100 keV - 1 MeV diffuse Galactic emission observed by SPI on INTEGRAL is probably inverse Compton.
The important new ingredients are the FIR interstellar radiation field and secondary positrons/electrons.

As promised in this paper, the GALPROP parameter files are available here:
(remove the .txt extension to run them with GALPROP !)
File comment: galdef_53_6102029RG
galdef_53_6102029RG.txt [12.05 KiB]
Downloaded 1128 times

File comment: galdef_53_6102029RH
galdef_53_6102029RH.txt [12.04 KiB]
Downloaded 2382 times

File comment: galdef_53_6102023RG
galdef_53_6102039RG.txt [12.07 KiB]
Downloaded 1043 times

File comment: galdef_53_6202029RG
galdef_53_6202029RG.txt [12.09 KiB]
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as well as some of the gamma-ray skymaps - but limited by current 10 MB attachment limit - others at or on request.
File comment: inverse Compton skymap for 53_6102029RG
ics_isotropic_skymap_53_6102029RG.gz [5.6 MiB]
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