Units of DM antiproton routines
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Author:  erccarls [ Wed May 27, 2015 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Units of DM antiproton routines

Hi All,

I am trying to calculate propagation greens functions for antiprotons from dark matter using galprop. I have implemented a simple NFW profile and am using the with the gen_DM_source routine containing the line:

particle.secondary_source_function.d2[ir][iz].s[ip]+=pow(DM_profile_av(galaxy.r[ir], galaxy.z[iz], galaxy.dr,, dzz),2);

if we are in the energy bin of interest -- i.e. I inject antiprotons proportional to the NFW squared (in units GeV^2/cm^6) into a single energy bin and look at the resulting antiproton output, then repeat the galprop run for each energy bin.

I am trying to understand the resulting output units after propagation. The shape looks approximately correct if I compare to semi-analytic results for propagation functions (e.g. fig 9 of, but the normalization doesn't match. assuming a local rho_dm of 0.3 GeV/cm^3 I obtain a value at 1 GeV of around 10^21.

Any help would be much appreciated. Picture of resulting runs is also attached where one can see the Green functions for one of the models.

green_func.png [ 79.49 KiB | Viewed 28509 times ]

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